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27 May 2016 01:46 pm
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We moved into our new home on Monday & we love it!
We're still unpacking boxes, but the important rooms/stuff is done & I just feel so at home here.  It's the quietest little cul-de-sac (all bungalows) & we're the youngest residents by about 25 years *g*, but everyone is very friendly & sweet.
The village is absolutely lovely, & it has a real sense of community with so many groups & clubs & volunteer organisations.

Bud has settled in really well (although he is having to tell off a cat who seems to think that it can keep coming in his garden! *g*)  The countryside around here is gorgeous, & this morning, Bud & I did a really lovely circular walk going out through fields, along the canal side & then back through the village.  Gorgeous!  We're having lots of fun exploring.  Mr B is on holiday next week & so we'll have lots of time for checking out the area & finding lots of lovely walks.

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes! I'm afraid I've been a little bit busy & haven't had chance to reply yet, but I will!
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After several weeks of seemingly nothing happening, we got a call last Friday to say that a moving date of Monday 23rd was likely!
All of the legalities have gone ahead this week, & so we are definitely moving on Monday. Eeep!
So, I've been busy packing & organising all of the million & one things that need to be organised when you plan to move from the home that you've lived in for the past twenty years! *g*
Bud & I have also been doing our Farewell Tour of all of our favourite walks & saying goodbye to all of our village friends (human & canine).  Today we called in at the farm shop & the hardware shop which we visit on a weekly basis to shop & eat biscuits (I shop, Bud gets the treats!)
I'm going to be very sad to leave our lovely walks & friendly people behind.  Although, I know that we'll make new friends & find other lovely walks once we move.
I'm also a little sad to leave our lovely house, but I'm looking forward to putting my stamp on the new house, too.
So, exciting times ahead! *g*
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Well, things seem to be progressing okay. *fc*
We've had a surveyor out to look at the bungalow for us & everything seems to be good.  There were a couple of issues - one with the chimney & a potential one with the drains that required us getting further reports done, but the results have come back with a positive (just some repair work to the chimney but nothing major.)  I'm really glad that we went ahead & got the surveys done (there was no legal requirement as we're not having a mortgage, but it's good for our peace of mind!)

We're going to view again tomorrow to finalise a few things with our vendors (they're doing some alterations for us in the utility/mud room) & also to measure up for curtains, etc.  It'll be nice to see inside the place again (I have been around & looked through the windows! *g*)

So, the legal side of things seems to be chugging along, & I hope we can hear something about the exchange of contracts soon. *fc*

In the meantime, we're doing a lot of decluttering & getting things sorted - donating things to charity, etc & getting ready to start packing stuff up.  It's amazing how virtually everything that we'd carefully stored away up in the loft has now been recycled/donated/thrown out! LOL

With that in mind, I have my John & Rodney action figures going free to a good home, if anyone would like them.  I'm just asking for the postage costs please.  (They seem to have lost their guns, etc & are not boxed - they've spent all of their time wrapped around each other kissing!)

In other news - no Supernatural to share this week, I'm afraid. :(

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Woohoo!  After several months of looking (& getting fairly disheartened) we've finally found a really lovely bungalow & they've accepted our offer!
The legal wheels are now in motion (we got a huge pile of documents to read, fill in & return this morning) & hopefully things will run fairly smoothly & we should be moving in a couple of months. *fc*

The property is being flipped by a developer, & so everything has been refurbished - new wiring, plaster, windows, doors, bathroom, kitchen, boiler, central heating - it's like a brand new home. I'm actually so relieved as I really didn't fancy taking on any big reno projects. *g*
It's in a really pretty village that is a little farther out into the countryside than where we are now, & there are lots of lovely walks for us to explore with Bud.  We really love where we live now, & so it had to be the 'right' place to tempt us to leave.  And being on one level means no more stairs for Bud to climb! Yay!

I know that nothing is definite until the contracts are exchanged, etc, but I'm so happy about this! \o/
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We've sold our house! Well, it's all subject to contract, blah, bah, blah but the sold board will be going on asap!
I'm trying not to get too excited as I know that things can still fall through - nothing's definite until the contracts are exchanged - but it feels good not to have to be doing anymore showings. (I've never done so much housework in my life! *g*)
So, now we just have to find a place. We've made it clear to our buyers that we won't move until we find somewhere & they're okay with that. (They want our house so much that they're willing to move into rented accomodation if their buyer pushes to move quickly.)

So, come on universe - throw some lovely properties our way please! :)

Gratuitous pic of Bud with cute pawprints that has nothing to do with moving house! *g*
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Wow!  Things have been happening very fast!
We've viewed a bungalow that we really like & have had an offered accepted - on the proviso that it's kept on the market until we have a buyer.
So, our house went 'live' on Thurs afternoon.  We had one viewing last night & four planned for this morning!
Let's hope that at least one likes it enough to make a sensible offer. *fc*
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Well, we've chosen an agent & they came yesterday to take photos & measure up for the brochure.
Hopefully, we should be live on the market by the weekend!
One very nice side effect is that the house is absolutely sparkling! *g* I mean, I am kind of a neat freak anyway, but now the place is completely pristine! LOL

We've viewed a few places - one of which we're very interested in. I have to ring today to get a few things clarified &, if all is well, we may actually put in an offer! *fc*
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We had our first valuation for the house last night.  It went really well, & I was very impressed with the estate agent.  I'd got lots of questions to ask (after much internet research! *g*) & she was very competent & answered everything.
She also liked Bud (they have a golden & so she's used to big silly dogs!) which counts for a LOT in my world!
They're a local, independent firm who have been around for years, & I really felt that they would look after us.

We have the second valuation this evening, & the final one on Friday.  Then we'll make a decision, although I am leaning towards Amie so far. :)
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I've been rather scare lately as I've been busy decorating. (Bud's been 'helping' too - i.e. getting covered in paint!)
We're putting our house on the market, & I just wanted to spruce it up a bit.
We've lived here for twenty years & it's a lovely home, & in one way I'll be sad to leave (oh, my gorgeous new kitchen & bathroom!)  But we've decided that we need to move to a bungalow.  Bud's nearly ten now, & despite being fighting fit, I do worry that he may eventually have trouble with the stairs.  This happened with Rascal in the last year or so, but as he slept downstairs, he didn't mind.  But Buddy sleeps upstairs (in our room) & I know that he'd be very distressed if he couldn't climb the stairs.  So, we're going to move to a single story home - hopefully it'll be our final home & so it's future-proofing us for old age, too! *g*

So, better go & finish painting the fence! (Aaagh - we have a huge garden & so much fence! *g*)

In the meantime, here's my very sprightly 'golden oldie'!



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