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I've had the most fabulous, magical weekend!
On Saturday we went to see Fantastic Beasts - which was awesome! - & then on Sunday, we went to the HP Studio Tour for Hogwarts in the Snow!!
It was amazing - a day of fun, laughter, Nifflers, me definitely not buying any more cuddly creatures (peer pressure!), snowy gorgeousness, & getting to spend time with the best friends in the world! ♥

I don't have a pic of us all wearing our robes yet, but here are a couple of me proving that I definitely did not buy any kind of cuddly to go with my Fang & Hedwig! Nope, absolutely not!
Oh, how did Buckbeak get there? *g*

Finding a fantastic beast... )
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I've made myself a bag that I can wear with my robes when we go to the Harry Potter studios on Sunday.
I used some leftover robe fabric - black for the outer & Hufflepuff yellow for the lining - & sewed a Hogwarts' emblem patch onto the front flap.  I then added my Order of the Phoenix braid & my little Hedwig to finish it off! *g*

Excuse the pic quality - I took it with my phone.


Hogwarts here I come! \o/
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A while back, I made [ profile] lantean_drift a set of Hogwarts' robes as a Christmas present.
Well, during this year, I've also been making robes for other friends as their birthdays have come around, & on Sunday we're all going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour again - but this time, wearing our robes! \o/


There are 8 sets of robes & we have all 4 houses represented:
Hufflepuff: Me
Gryffindor: [ profile] lantean_drift, [ profile] xanthe, KB, S
Slytherin: [ profile] flyingnorth, [ profile] battyoldflapper
Ravenclaw: [ profile] carnelianred

They're fully-lined & I've made wand pockets inside so that we'll all have a place to keep our wands as we're walking around. *g*

It's going to be 'Hogwarts in the Snow' when we go - I can't wait! \o/
*Snoopy dances*
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I had the most amazing time in London with [ profile] xanthe last weekend.
Along with our lovely friend, [ profile] flyingnorth, & Xanthe's folks, we went to see 'Harry Potter & The Cursed Child'!!!!
Oh my goodness - it was absolutely amazing. I won't spoil anything - #keepthesecrets - but it was a most creative, enthralling, gripping story which is such a wonderful addition to the HP canon. I really am beyond words - it was just so, so fantastic.

Not really a spoiler, but just in case... )


Thank you to [ profile] xanthe for being such an amazing friend & for organising everything! ♥


2 Dec 2015 09:10 am
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Me, flying over Hogwarts!
And totally not fazed by the Dark Mark - us Hufflepuffs are made of sterner stuff! *g*

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Best. Day. Ever!
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As promised, here are a few pics from my fabulous birthday surprise visit to 'The Making of Harry Potter' in Leavesden. \o/

Firstly, I was picked up by the Hogwarts Express!  Complete with owl on the dash & the stereo blaring out 'Something wicked this way comes'! *g*


And then I was whisked away to Hogwarts for a day of fun, laughter & shenanigans!

more... )

What a fabulous, amazing, awesome day. I have the sweethest, kindest, most thoughtful friends in the world! ♥
Thank you [ profile] lantean_drift, [ profile] xanthe, [ profile] battyoldflapper, [ profile] saffron1 & KB (& also [ profile] carnelianred & J who couldn't be with us.)
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It's my birthday on Saturday & earlier in the week, I got quite a surprise: I received my Hogwarts letter! Beautifully typed on headed note paper & sealed with a Hogwarts wax seal, too.
Over the next few days, I also received (all via owl - well, they just appeared in the house! *g*) a howler reminder, my house information & shirt (Pottormore sorted me into Hufflepuff) & finally the details of the adventure.
So, tomorrow, [ profile] lantean_drift, [ profile] xanthe, [ profile] battyoldflapper, [ profile] saffron1 & KB will be escorting me to the Warner Brothers' Studio Tour in Leavesden for a day of squeeing over everything Harry Potter! \o/
I am so excited, & also so very grateful - I have the sweetest, kindest, most generous friends. (And Mr B, too - who I think may have 'helped' the owl deliver my letters!)



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