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So, I saw on the news this morning that it's UN Happiness day. Hmmm, slightly weird, but I'm all about counting my blessings at the moment. Things have been going pretty well depression-wise - although I had a really bad morning yesterday & then suddenly it felt like the sun began shining at around 3pm.

So, in no particular order - stuff that's been/is making me happy:

+ baking! I made two batches of muffins yesterday afternoon - pear & ginger, & lemon & raspberry. They both turned out pretty yummy! Although I won't add as many raspberries next time.  I followed the recipe exactly, but there were too many & it made some of the muffins a bit too squishy on the bottom. Still tasted nice though! *g*

+ the lovely [personal profile] hilde has sent me a cupcake recipe book! \o/ Guess what's on my to bake list now. :)

+ my sister-in-law N (Mr B's youngest sister) got married on Sunday. They decided to hold the wedding at Tunnels Beach in North Devon. Despite terrible weather the day before & on Sunday morning, the afternoon was actually sunny & the ceremony went ahead outside! (It was still a bit nippy but it looked glorious.) Watching them say their vows as the waves crashed on the shore was simply magical. The whole thing was just wonderful. I have the best family-in-law, & it was brilliant to spend the weekend with them.

pic )

+ new Spn tonight in the US (so tomorrow for us!) Woot!

+ this amazing Sam & Dean song vid. It's heartbreaking, but it made me happy, too because it's all about how much these boys love each other.

+ Justified. Damn - how can one show be this good? Gah!

+ my silly & gorgeous Bud (of course!) ♥

I hope everyone has something making them happy today!


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