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Oh, wow - I've just watched the most amazing Spn vid.
It's so brilliantly executed & tells such an emotional story.  I love it.

Loving Him Was Red - Sam + Dean by [personal profile] ashdoode Sam/Dean

If you're not into Wincest, I really think this can be viewed as brotherly love.

I've also been meaning to rec a couple of stories.  They're J2 AUs with the crime boss theme.  Sometimes I just love reading about the darker side of the boys. (Although I also love all the schmoopy stuff, too, of course. *g*)

Okay, so this first verse is actually more light-hearted (though still with violence so do read the author's notes.)

Killer Romance verse by saone77

It's ex-assassin!Jensen & crimeboss!Jared (who's also rather goofy & adorable when he's not killing people.)
Bonus cast: all of The Losers as Jared's security team! \o/

This next verse is much darker (& also has an underaged Jensen so please read the warnings.)  Jared is a crime boss & Jensen is a pawn in his game plan - until he isn't & it becomes something so much more. 

Crime Boss verse by alezig

I'm going to warn again to read the author's notes & this won't be for everyone.  Frankly, it surprised me how much I like it - but I like the intensity & insanity of the bond they form.  I also have a bit of a possessive!Jared and/or Sam thing, which this feeds soooo well.  (Hmm, I also have a possesive!Jensen and/or Dean thing, actually - so, yeah, I just have a possessive! thing. *g*)

Honestly, there's so much stuff in Spn fandom that I've not really come across before & wouldn't have thought of reading.  I'm loving all the A/B/O & knotting stuff, too.  Hmmm - back to my possessive! hot button, it seems. *g* 

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Even if you're not particularly into Spn, [personal profile] stir_of_echoes' fabulous pic spam will definitely give you a smile!
And if you're like me then it will reduce you to a grinning, giggling puddle of happy fangirlish squee! ♥

A taster - check out [personal profile] stir_of_echoes' adorkable post for more...



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How have I never seen this?
I've just rewatched this ep this week, too.  I don't think it was a deleted scene extra. (Must check the DVD.)
I mean, come on - this is awesome! *g*

Life in Motel Rooms

Oh, Jared - with those stretches & Jensen manfully continuing with the dialogue. (And then trying the stretch, too!)  \o/


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