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Wishing the lovely [personal profile] sgamadison a wonderful birthday! ♥
I hope you have a fabulous day!

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A couple of people asked to see my new skirt when I'd finished making it, so here it is.
I think that the fabric is just so cute!

Scottie dogs! \o/ )

I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern - I used an invisible zip instead of a normal one as I think it gives a much smoother silhouette, plus it just seems a bit more professsional looking.  I also added a lining - using a pale blue silky lining fabric -  so that it didn't stick to my tights as I walked. *g*

It was the sweet & beautiful [ profile] lantean_drift's birthday over the weekend, & we went out for a lovely afternoon tea at our local vineyard, giving me a chance to wear my new skirt!  In fact, it was a fabulous weekend all around as the wonderful [ profile] xanthe had come up to visit & so there was much chatting & laughter!
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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] gloria1 &[ profile] xanthe!
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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] przed!
I hope you have a wonderful day.
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Today is very special - two lovely ladies are celebrating!
Happy birthday [ profile] hilde & [ profile] saldemonium! ♥

Have a gift-wrapped Buddy! *g*

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Happy birthday to the very sweet [ profile] jackieville!
I hope you have a smashing day, sweetheart.
Big hugs from me & the Budster!
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A very happy & fabulous birthday to two of the loveliest ladies I know - [ profile] gloria1 & [ profile] xanthe!
Wishing you both the happiest of days!

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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] tangotabby!
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Best wishes from The Team!

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Thank you again to everyone for making my birthday so special.
I'm really touched by your kindness & thoughtfulness.

I had a busy weekend of baking & then hosted a little tea party on Sunday afternoon for a few friends & family.
Needless to say, Bud was the centre of attention & loved it!

You can see that he's 'helped' me to open some presents (& is now wearing some of the tissue paper! *g*)

more pics... )

Oh my goodness!
Look what the lovely [ profile] trystings made for my birthday! ♥
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It's my birthday & I'm having such a lovely day!
It started bright & early with lots of lovely messages online, & cards & prezzies to open, & then Bud & I did one of my favourite walks - the carrot walk! (Part of it goes through the carrot fields - Bud's idea of heaven!)

2014-10-24 08.23.29 copy

more Bud... )

When we got home, some gorgeous flowers arrived from Mr B!

2014-10-24 10.40.10

And there have been so many lovely LJ gifts & posts & messages - thank you all so much.  I can't tell you how much this means to me.
I have the best flist ever.

And in the best Hobbit tradition, here's a little fic to share with everyone as a birthday gift from me to you. ♥

Busted play

McShep, G, ~1400 words

Summary: While on an away mission, Rodney inadvertently lets slip a long-held and very personal secret.

I hope you enjoy! ♥

More beautiful flowers have been delivered. I'm so, so lucky.

gorgeous flowers... )
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I'm sorry but I've been so remiss with celebrating birthdays over the last few months.
If I've missed anyone's - apologies & I hope that you had a fabulous day!

This week there are two lovely folk having birthdays: [ profile] zinfic & [ profile] neevebrody!
Here's wishing you both a wonderful time!

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.. to the lovely & insanely talented [ profile] sgamadison! ♥
I won't be around tomorrow, but I hope you have a fabulous day, Mads!

At Fedon 2010
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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] caffyolay!
Have a fabulous day, C!
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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] pennyplainknits!
I hope you have a smashing day!
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Happy birthday to the lovely & talented [ profile] danceswithgary!
I hope you have a lovely day!
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Happy birthday to the wonderful & thoughtful [ profile] hilde & [ profile] saldemonium.
I hope you both have the happiest of days! ♥
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Happy birthday to the sweet & lovely [ profile] jackieville!
I hope you have a fabulous day, sweetheart!
*hugs* (& special snuggles from the Budster!)
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Wishing the lovely [ profile] gloria1 & [ profile] xanthe very happy birthdays today!

And also belated (sorry!) birthday wishes to the lovely [ profile] tangotabby.

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Thank you so, so much to everyone for making my birthday so very special.
I had so many messages, posts, virtual gifts & cards.  I'm so grateful & lucky to have such good friends. ♥
*hugs you all*

I hope that I've managed to thank everyone personally (just poke me with a stick, If I've missed anything. *g*)  It's all been such a lovely whirlwind.

We're taking the Budster away to Tenby, South Wales today for a few days - so there'll be lots of lovely walks & running on the beach & playing in the sea (Bud that is - it's way too cold for me & Mr B! LOL)  I'll be without internet*, so I'll see you on the other side! *g*

It's the lovely [ profile] vagabondage's birthday while I'm way - hope you have an awesome day, Zen!

Take care, folks!

* Sorry, I won't be able to share Super-you-know-what until I get home.

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Sorry, [ profile] neevebrody for missing your day yesterday.
I hope you had a wonderful time!


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