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Birthdate:Oct 24
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Welcome to my LJ & my fandom life!

Though there may be snippets about some RL stuff on occasion (my dog, my running, my baking), it's pretty much all about fandom.

I love to squee!

I write fanfic & make digital art.

I love slash (including RPS & Wincest.) ♥

All of my stories & art can be found over at my fic & art LJ -starshinedreams. I am also in the process of arching my stuff over at AO3.

All of my stories are available for recording as podfic (in fact, I'd love it!) Please just drop me a line so I can listen & squee! ♥

Master lists

Master List: Stargate Atlantis & Hewligan fic

Master List: Stargate Atlantis & Hewligan art

Master List: Hawaii Five-O fic & art

Master List: Lord of the Rings RPS fic & art

Master List: other art (NCIS, X Files, Supernatural)

If you'd prefer to just keep up-to-date with my stories & artwork then please feel free to friend my fic journal: starshinedreams

Credit: stir_of_echoes

Credit: berlinghoff79.

Slashy Oscars 2005 ~ WinnerSlashy Oscars 2006 ~ WinnerMen of Middle Earth Awards 2008

Best Sex Scene ~ Slashy Oscars 2005Best Character in a Supporting Role ~ Slashy Oscars 2005
Best Uncommon Pairing ~ Slashy Oscars 2005Best Comedic Relief ~ Slashy Oscars 2005
Best Author Nominee ~ Slashy Oscars 2005

Best Short Romance ~ Slashy Oscars 2006

Thanks to causette&legomyarrow for organising the slashy_oscars& making the banners.

2007 Stargate Fan Awards

Warning: This LJ contains fiction, images & discussion of a homoerotic nature. If you don't like this or are underage, then please leave. Thank you.

Disclaimer: No claims are being made as to the real life sexualities or preferences of the people portrayed here. They are purely for entertainment, not profit.

Note: Please do not take my images/icons/colour bars/fiction for use anywhere else. Thank you.

+ The gorgeous gifs in my sidebar: aire_blair, fiercelynormal, raloria&stir_of_echoes

+ The fabulous animated Spn mood theme: dana_duchovny

+ Art resource post.

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