31 Oct 2011 09:35 am
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Okay, this is the perfect antidote to a bad (few) day(s)!

Thank you so much to [ profile] xanthelj for the heads-up!

These are vids made by the cast & crew for the wrap party when David Tennant, Russell the T & Julie Gardner left Dr Who.

They had me laughing out loud & singing along!

The first is to Victoria Wood's 'Let's do it' which I love anyway, making it even more happy-making!

Then The Proclaimers! OMG - I love this song so much! (It also reminds me of a holiday in Scotland where Mr B & I played a Proclaimers' cassette - yes, it was that long ago *g* - & sang our way all around the Highlands! ♥ )

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I'm trying to sort out all my media tags & links.
If you find a broken link (no doubt from when I moved things from one server to another) & would like the vid, please just let me know & I'll get it sorted out. :)


A couple of tweets with links to pics that made me smile. ♥

David Hewlett: I'm not made of Lego...yet!

Colin Ferguson: The long weekend is coming fast - two more scenes to go!!! Both with Kavan, Trevor and Joe.

Yay! Kavan! ♥


My favourite online shop for sports bras - Boobydoo - has sent me a 10% off voucher to share with my friends. :)

10% discount voucher, just enter 2323-2323-2323 at the basket. In addition, it will also work for your friends, so feel free to email, tweet or facebook it?. (Voucher expires 9th May 2011.)

Happy Friday all! ♥
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A very happy birthday to [ profile] betagoddess!!

Here's a little prezzie for you (& any other Wimsey-ites! *g*)

Lord Peter Wimsey: Clouds of Witness read by Edward Petherbridge
.zip (mp3s), ~82MB, total time ~ 2h 28m

Please do 'right-click & save'.
Grateful thanks to [ profile] saldemonium for the donation of server space.

I haven't had chance to listen yet (beyond a quick check - oh, that voice! ♥) but I couldn't resist when I saw it was being read by 'Lord Peter' himself!

Hmmm, I really need a Lord Peter icon! ♥
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Zachary Quinto has made an audiobook of the new Trek movie tie-in written by Alan Dean Foster!

Fascinating... )
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Thank you to the lovely [ profile] rifleman_s & [ profile] morgaine_71 for the wonderful birthday cards!
They arrived yesterday - I think the aftermath of the postal strike slowed them down.
I'm so touched - thank you both!!!

Right, I haven't had chance to watch the latest SGA ep yet so am off to get my McShep fix. Oh, how I love those boys. ♥

Btw - I made a locked media post earlier with eps of a certain show involving two hot brothers fighting evil. I also make other locked posts with eps of a certain squee-worthy show involving a hot flyboy & the geek that he loves. If you can't see these posts but would like to, & aren't a pyscho-crazy person, then let me know & I'll friend you. ;-)
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Just pre-ordered SGA s3 & Supernatural s2.
*happy sigh*
September is going to be such a great month!

Btw, does anybody need ep 1 of the new season of The 4400? I can upload it.
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So Virgin Media has refused to pay Sky for Sky One & is no longer showing the channel. We're locked into a contract with Virgin until September.
Well, crap! (That's me being polite about it.)
Bones is on tonight & now we can't watch it!
Anyone know of a download comm please? (I don't know how to do torrent stuff.)


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