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So, I'm sewing & I can't find the sleeve pieces. I look everywhere but no luck.
Then the Budlington gets up off his office bed - & there they are! They must have slipped off the shelf & he made himself comfy on them!
Oh, Buddy! The perfect sewing assistant! ♥
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I've made myself a bag that I can wear with my robes when we go to the Harry Potter studios on Sunday.
I used some leftover robe fabric - black for the outer & Hufflepuff yellow for the lining - & sewed a Hogwarts' emblem patch onto the front flap.  I then added my Order of the Phoenix braid & my little Hedwig to finish it off! *g*

Excuse the pic quality - I took it with my phone.


Hogwarts here I come! \o/
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A while back, I made [ profile] lantean_drift a set of Hogwarts' robes as a Christmas present.
Well, during this year, I've also been making robes for other friends as their birthdays have come around, & on Sunday we're all going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour again - but this time, wearing our robes! \o/


There are 8 sets of robes & we have all 4 houses represented:
Hufflepuff: Me
Gryffindor: [ profile] lantean_drift, [ profile] xanthe, KB, S
Slytherin: [ profile] flyingnorth, [ profile] battyoldflapper
Ravenclaw: [ profile] carnelianred

They're fully-lined & I've made wand pockets inside so that we'll all have a place to keep our wands as we're walking around. *g*

It's going to be 'Hogwarts in the Snow' when we go - I can't wait! \o/
*Snoopy dances*
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I'd seen some really cute fabric a while back that I loved but couldn't think of a project to use it for.
Fast forward a couple of months & I was looking at the fabric again in the online shop (okay, I'd been stalking it!) & I saw that they'd only got a few metres left! Noooo!  I knew that I had to buy it right then!  I have a monthly sewing mag called 'Sew' & it always comes with a free pattern & that month it was a really nice little summer dress.  So, I got the fabric & made myself a dress!

(Excuse the creases - I'd worn it before I remembered to take a pic!)

20160704_130100 copy

and that wasn't the end of the story! )

Definitely happy-making!
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Despite being rather busy with the move (so much paperwork!) I've managed to find the time for a couple of sewing projects. (I find sewing very therapeutic! *g*)

I'm exploring the world of applique - & really loving it!  I'm still very new to it & just finding my way, but here are a couple of appliqued cushions:

Labrador & love-hearts!

I love this swallow fabric & thought it went well with the 'home' theme - like birds flying home. :)
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A couple of people asked to see my new skirt when I'd finished making it, so here it is.
I think that the fabric is just so cute!

Scottie dogs! \o/ )

I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern - I used an invisible zip instead of a normal one as I think it gives a much smoother silhouette, plus it just seems a bit more professsional looking.  I also added a lining - using a pale blue silky lining fabric -  so that it didn't stick to my tights as I walked. *g*

It was the sweet & beautiful [ profile] lantean_drift's birthday over the weekend, & we went out for a lovely afternoon tea at our local vineyard, giving me a chance to wear my new skirt!  In fact, it was a fabulous weekend all around as the wonderful [ profile] xanthe had come up to visit & so there was much chatting & laughter!
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I've recently been working on a really fun project - making a set of Gryffindor robes for [ profile] lantean_drift!

I found a post with an outline of how to go about it - but it was more a set of diary notes than a step-by-step tutorial.  I had to adapt an existing cloak pattern - reshaping the hood & sleeves & giving it a full lining (with the sleeves, hood & facings in the appropriate Gryffindor red.)  It took some figuring out, but I'm quite pleased (actually - pretty darn pleased) with the result! *g*


more pics... )

My current project is a sweet, little skirt for myself made with this very cute Scottie dog print! ♥
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LJ keeps dumping me out & then not letting me log back in (claims it doesn't recognise my name or password!)
So, while I am actually logged in (not sure why it let me in this time) I wanted to share my latest sewing project.
It's a 50's inspired halter dress which I do rather love.  I chose a retro looking fabric & am so happy with the way it turned out (despite me having to put the zip in about 5 times! LOL)


the back view, etc )

I'm taking my Mom out for a formal afternoon tea at our local stately home next month, & so I think that I'll wear it then. (I have a lovely little white shrug that looks perfect with it!)
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Sorry this is a bit late, but here's my completed Princess Buttercup dress that I made for my cousin's 40th birthday fancy dress party a couple of weeks ago.

pics this way... )
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Sorry that I've been so scarce, but I'm madly busy making a last minute costume for my cousin's last minute 40th birthday party! (The birthday isn't last minute - just the party. *g*)
With three weeks notice, he decided that he was having a fancy dress party with an 80s theme - could be the general fashions of the decade or something from a movie or TV or music.
So... Mr B & I are going as The Dread Pirate Roberts & Princess Buttercup! \o/
I got a lovely pattern for a medieval gown & some red fabric & am currently sewing my fingers to the bone! -  & then I just need to make Mr B's mask, bandana, etc.

Bud has, as usual, been invaluable...

Checking twice & cutting once!

more Buddy... )

I'll post some pics when the dress is done.
Happy Friday, everyone!
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I've had a new tablet - a Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (which I love) & have made a case for it with some fabric that I bought on holiday last year. :)

2015-02-26 14.57.55

I just love having little Labs all over the place!

the inside... )
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+  Hi everyone & a very belated 'Happy New Year'!
I hope everyone is well & happy.  We're all good here at Chez Buddy.
Here's a pic of Bud on one of our walks this week. We'd had some snow & it was so beautiful in the early morning light.

2015-01-14 09.05.31

+  Oh, & the reveal has been done (actually a while ago now) for [ profile] sga_art_santa.
I was so pleased to have this beautiful piece of art done for me by [ profile] mella68, & here's what I made for [ profile] danceswithgary:

Click on the teaser:

+  Did/does anyone watch* Star Trek: Enterprise?  We gave it a try back when it first aired but didn't really take to it & only watched about half a dozen eps.  However, we decided to try again & bought the boxed set of the entire series (sadly only 4 seasons) & we're absolutely loving it! We're currently part of the way through season 3 with the Xindi threat. Love, love, love it!
*Please - no spoilers! *g*

+  I'm still busy sewing & have just finished making this teddy bear for my cousin's little girl's 7th birthday tomorrow. The clothes were a bit fiddly, but I'm quite pleased with how she's turned out in the end.


Happy Friday, all!
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My cousin & his wife have just had a little baby girl, & so I've made this cute teddy for her.
I used a super soft fleece - she's so snuggly!


I got the pattern free by signing up to the newsletter at Funky Friends Factory. (There's also a really helpful video tutorial on the site for this pattern.)
The pattern called for black buttons for the eyes but as I was making it for a baby, I used safety eyes instead.  I also found a really cute heart-shaped nose in the sewing shop that I couldn't resist! :)
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I bought some gorgeous winter-themed fabrics when we were in Tennessee, & I've used some of it to make a pretty pleated-edge cushion for my mom.
There are two co-ordinated fabrics with birds & berries.
We don't get cardinals here in the UK, & I love to see them when we're on holiday.

The front of the cushion uses the main fabric, & the pleated edge & back use the co-ordinating design.


more... )

While I was taking these pics, I had to take some of a certain someone, too... ♥


Buddy Budster! )
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I've just spent a fabulous weekend with my lovely [ profile] xanthe.
As usual, there was non-stop chatting & laughing (& a fair amount of cake eating, too! *g*)
We also met up with the wonderful [ profile] gloria1 & [ profile] flyingnorth for a brilliant 'chat' which actually lasted for 5 hours until the coffee shop closed down around us! LOL

Oh, & the weekend gave me the opportunity to test drive my new handbag that I've just made.  My homage to the impeccable Lord Peter & his lovely lady, Harriet...

2014-10-09 17.41.27

I mocked up the bookcover graphic in the style of the old Penguin books & printed it onto transfer paper which I ironed onto my fabric.
I then used that as the panel for the front of the bag.  I'm really quite chuffed with how it turned out. :)

more pics )
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I made a cover for my lovely new sewing machine.
This is a Sophie Allport fabric that Mr B ordered online as a surprise for me earlier this year. I ♥ it.
So far, I've made myself a small shoulder bag, & a hot water bottle cover for my Mom.  It's so pretty.




30 Sep 2014 05:12 pm
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I've had a new sewing machine as an early birthday present!  \o/
I love it - it's so smooth (& quiet) & can do 5 different styles of button hole! I know, 5! LOL


I gave it a test drive this afternoon by making myself a pair of comfy lounge pants with some cute Thor fabric that I bought on holiday in the US (what can't you find in Walmart, eh? *g*)


I've been really enjoying my sewing over the last few months.  Here are some of the bits & bobs that I've made:
a few sewing projects )

I only wish places like Jo-ann's Fabrics & Hancocks shipped to the UK!  We just don't have so many lovely fabrics to choose from here.

Btw - is anyone else having problems with their user icons?  When I answer a comment, only my default icon gets used - even when I've selected another.
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banner by [personal profile] ktcktc

This is a little Sherlock-inspired thing that I made for my lovely [ profile] lantean_drift.
It's the front door of 221b Baker Street - but as a bag. *g*


I hand stitched the number with gold thread & used a button for the doorknob.

the lining... )

I had a lot of fun making this & have got a few more fandom inspired craft projects in mind now. :)
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What a smashing weekend!
Mr B & I went to the 'Cake & Bake Show' in Manchester on Saturday.  It was a great event with lots of demonstrations from various well-known chefs, including some of the Great British Bake-Off winners, as well as stalls selling all kinds of cake paraphernalia - & cake to eat!  Yum!  We shared a gorgeous slice of traditional Caribbean rum cake made by a husband & wife team that was simply divine! (Now I'm hunting for a recipe because I need to eat more of that! *g*)

Then on Sunday, we drove down to London so that I could meet the sweet & lovely [ profile] hilde for lunch while Mr B went off & did his own thing.
It was so lovely to see [ profile] hilde again & we had a very long - & very chatty *g* - lunch discussing lots of fandom things. :)
As Hilde is a bit (a bit!) of an Angliophile, I'd made her a Union Jack inspired cushion that hopefully will squash down enough to fit in her case!


Oh, & I've used some of that gorgeous black lab fabric that Mr B surprised me with to make a little bag that I took for a test drive this weekend. :)
It has an extra long strap so that I can wear it across my body.


The colour of the lining matches the collar of the labs on the fabric. I also included several inside pockets for my phone, Oyster card, lipstick, etc.


A couple of buttons just for some fun detail. :)


I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend!
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Look what Mr B ordered for me!
1 metre of this gorgeous black lab fabric!
It arrived today & was a total - & awesome - surprise!
First thing I'm going to do is make myself a new bag! :)

No wonder Mr B's the love of my life - he's just so thoughtful. ♥


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