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Well, we've chosen an agent & they came yesterday to take photos & measure up for the brochure.
Hopefully, we should be live on the market by the weekend!
One very nice side effect is that the house is absolutely sparkling! *g* I mean, I am kind of a neat freak anyway, but now the place is completely pristine! LOL

We've viewed a few places - one of which we're very interested in. I have to ring today to get a few things clarified &, if all is well, we may actually put in an offer! *fc*
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We had our first valuation for the house last night.  It went really well, & I was very impressed with the estate agent.  I'd got lots of questions to ask (after much internet research! *g*) & she was very competent & answered everything.
She also liked Bud (they have a golden & so she's used to big silly dogs!) which counts for a LOT in my world!
They're a local, independent firm who have been around for years, & I really felt that they would look after us.

We have the second valuation this evening, & the final one on Friday.  Then we'll make a decision, although I am leaning towards Amie so far. :)
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I've been rather scare lately as I've been busy decorating. (Bud's been 'helping' too - i.e. getting covered in paint!)
We're putting our house on the market, & I just wanted to spruce it up a bit.
We've lived here for twenty years & it's a lovely home, & in one way I'll be sad to leave (oh, my gorgeous new kitchen & bathroom!)  But we've decided that we need to move to a bungalow.  Bud's nearly ten now, & despite being fighting fit, I do worry that he may eventually have trouble with the stairs.  This happened with Rascal in the last year or so, but as he slept downstairs, he didn't mind.  But Buddy sleeps upstairs (in our room) & I know that he'd be very distressed if he couldn't climb the stairs.  So, we're going to move to a single story home - hopefully it'll be our final home & so it's future-proofing us for old age, too! *g*

So, better go & finish painting the fence! (Aaagh - we have a huge garden & so much fence! *g*)

In the meantime, here's my very sprightly 'golden oldie'!

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Grrr.  I've been trying to post this from DW but the cuts wouldn't work.
Hope it works better at LJ. *fc*

So, after a year of planning & a month of building our remodelled kitchen is done! \o/

We moved into our home nearly 18 years ago & the kitchen was already installed, so this is the first time I've ever been able to choose & plan everything from scratch. It was a lot of fun (& slightly daunting, at times.) I'm absolutely thrilled with the results, though - it's exactly as I imagined it. :)

First - a couple of pics of how the old kitchen looked (just prior to being ripped out - hence no curtains or anything!)

out with the old... )

and in with the new (plus a certain furry guest star!) )
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[personal profile] celtprincess13 managed to hook me up with the shirtless!Sam gifs that I wanted needed! \o/
So, I've added them to my sidebar & like to think that these three tell a little story... ;)

Sam's working out & sees Dean watching him...

Sam's all 'like what you see? Strip!'

Dean doesn't have to be told twice!


I've had some lovely responses to my 1920's AU McShep art, 'World, far away', &, as I'd mentioned that I felt it could easily be viewed as Lord John & Rodney from my Big Bang story 'Time & Tide', it's been lovely to have a few comments to that, too!
I love the idea that people are coming new to something that I wrote quite a while ago. :)

In completely different news, with the installation of a new window blind our kitchen renovation is finally complete! \o/
It's a whole new kitchen (everything was ripped out) & I absolutely love it!  (I'll take some pics to share when I get a second.)  It's a fairly small area (no room for seating but it does lead into the dining room through an open doorway, so that's not a problem) but the new layout has given me so much more storage space!  I actually have empty shelves! LOL  Although, I've rediscovered my love for baking (after a break of over 15 years) & so I doubt they'll stay empty for long with all the supplies I'm buying. *g*

I'm finding the baking very therapeutic for my depression, funnily enough.
I'm concentrating on fairly straightforward stuff like muffins for now, but I'm loving baking them from scratch, & the measuring, sifting & mixing is weirdly soothing. :)

My lovely [personal profile] xanthe  gave me her recipe for the gorgeous pear & ginger muffins that I always love (& scoff!) when I stay with her, & I'm really pleased at how they've turned out. (Although the first batch was a bit iffy.  Turned out my oven wasn't quite at the temp it said it was - thank goodness for an oven thermometer!)
I'm also planning to try out some raspberry & lemon muffins, & some carrot & pineapple wholemeal muffins.  The recipes sound very scrumptious.
If anyone has any favourite muffin recipes - please do share! :)

Happy Thursday, all!

Gif credits in my profile. :)

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So, after a few bad days with my depression I'm feeling much brighter today.
The new boiler is all done & wow, you can really tell the difference - the house feels so much warmer & it's lovely to have limitless hot water on tap.  Bud made friends with the plumbers (a father & son team who also have a black Lab!) & so got lots of fuss & snuggles. :)

So, I thought I'd share a few other things that are very happy-making:

This song vid by [personal profile] elandrialore ! It's just the most perfect Steve&Dannyaresomarried vid ever!

It's In His Kiss by [personal profile] munibunny  It's a fabulous J2 version of Pretty Woman with billionairre!Jensen & hooker!Jared.  It made me go all warm inside - it's so lovely. ♥

+ A Tiny Piece of You by [personal profile] crackedbuthappy  It's a beautifully romantic J2 version of Return to Me. *happy sigh*

+ Top This by leonidaslion  Wow - just a very, very hot Dean/Sam pwp with bottom!Dean. Yowza!

I've also watched Ten Inch Hero with Jensen & absolutely loved it!  (I'll upload it when I have a sec & will have more of a squee then. *g*)

Happy Monday, all!

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The men came to begin installing the new boiler yesterday.  They took the old boiler out of the kitchen & all the cylinders & tanks out of the loft, too.  So, that meant no water or heating all day (though thankfully they reconnected the gas in the afternoon - so Bud & I camped out in the lounge with the gas fire on as it was freezing.)  We've had no central heating or hot water overnight (as there's no boiler! LOL) but hopefully they can install that today. There was also a hiccup when they must have disturbed some wiring in the loft because the circuit for all the lights blew & they couldn't get them back on. Luckily, the electrician was able to come back & sort it out - although this was at about 5.30 so we were using lamps & torches for a while! LOL

I'm envisioning another day of just camping out in the lounge, reading & trying to stay out of their way.  I don't like having my routine disrupted - I can't do my normal stuff! - but I'm making a real effort to be zen about it all & am actually coping quite well & not stressing out (even when we had no lights! LOL)

Just off to take Bud out now.  It's cold & raining, so I'm hoping the gas will be on when we get back!  (Or it's the emergency fan heater again! *g*)

Oh, & in much worse news - no new Spn this week!

Happy Tuesday, folks!
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Okay, I wasn't actually hunting for him, but I was clearing out the cupboard under the stairs & wouldn't have been surprised to find him there! *g*
We're having a new boiler fitted on Monday & the guy has got to reroute a load of pipes or something & so needs access to the space.  It was a good excuse to de-clutter & I now have a black bag of rubbish plus one for the charity shop.
The boiler is being replaced (due to extreme, wheezing old age) but is also being moved from its current very impractical place in the kitchen up into the loft.  This is all in preparation for having a new kitchen fitted in January. Yay! The entire thing is going to be gutted & all new units & appliances put in (except for a couple of 'white goods' items that we're keeping & that are going behind cupboard doors.)  It's all very exciting.  The current kitchen was already in when we moved here (over 17 years ago - blimey!) & is definitely on its last legs.  I've never been able to design & choose a kitchen before & it's so cool. :)

On a completely different subject - voting is open at the People's Choice Awards & Supernatural is up for 3 awards:
+ fave scifi/fantasy show
+ fave dramatic TV actor (Both Jensen & Jared are nominated which makes me feel so mean to choose one - um, Jensen - over  the other. Sorry Jared! *feels bad*
+ fave TV fan following

You don't need to register & you can vote as often as you like.  Yay!  Let's support all of the shows that we love.

I've added everyone who contacted me about Dreamwidth & have also spent some time customising my journal. As my LJ is SGA-themed, I've gone for Spn for DW. *g*

Happy Saturday, folks!


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