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Spn is back tomorrow!
*happy dance*


22 May 2015 03:13 pm
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I haven't had chance to watch the finale of Spn yet... but. This!!!

How amazing is this?! \o/
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[ profile] ash48 has made the most lovely J2 + Sam & Dean song vid.
Do check it out, if you want your heart to melt & your face to ache from smiling!
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I absolutely loved the 200th ep!
It was everything that I could have wished for.  It really was a love letter to the fans. ♥
Thank you, Spn for 200 amazing eps & 10 fabulous years.

OMG! 2.0
[ profile] xanthe & I have got tickets to see Take That!
After a rather involved time online trying to get anything (& my neighbourhood being blacked out by a power cut, to boot) the fabulous Miss X finally snagged us some.  And they're awesome - really good seats.

I'm so happy!

Spn squee

12 Nov 2014 09:59 am
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I'm very excited about the 200th ep! (I'll be watching it tonight with Mr B - yes, it's killing me to wait but I'm being good. *g*)
In the meantime, this is hilarious!
Mark Sheppard was unable to attend the 200th ep fan party & so the boys have been texting him about it.
(And I just love the idea that they're obviously used to having this kind of little text round robin thing going on!)

LOL I love it!
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Oh, wow - how much am I loving this new season?!
I think we've had two really strong eps - & next week is the one that Jensen directed!

A few thoughts:

spoilers... )

Trailer for next week:

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Supernatural is back on Tues 7th!!

Awesome image by [ profile] quickreaver.

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Looks like the CW has decided that Bloodlines is a no go.
Hardly surprising - I don't know anyone who liked it.

'Sources say The CW is leaving open the possibility of spinning off Supernatural in another concept down the line.'

If so, how about using some of the awesome characters we've already got - like Charlie or Garth or Sheriff Jody please?


2 May 2014 05:58 pm
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My thoughts (well, thought really)

... )

On a happier & totally unrelated note - I'm cooking chicken tikka masala from scratch tonight.  The chicken has been marinading all day & smells soooo good!  It's a low fat recipe, too.
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Just a quickie (ooh, err! *g*)

+ I'm love, love, loving Spn!  Not that that's news really - but it's a new season & there's always that worry that it might not be as good. But. It totally is! \o/  Also, how can Jensen look even better than normal?  I mean, he has a newborn in the house & he's looking younger & more gorgeous than ever?

+  I had an Spn dream last night.  It was a proper plot with Dean & Sam.  Unfortunately, I can't remember any of it now - except that there was a part where Dean had to go & do something & Sam leaned in & kissed him goodbye.  Just a quick peck on the lips (though he also cupped Dean's cheek with his hand *melt*) - like it was something they do all the time! ♥

+ Other things I'm watching & really enjoying: Great British Bake-off, Agents of Shield, Person of Interest, The Blacklist, Castle, Perception, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, By Any Means, Amazing Race, Sleepy Hollow.

+ Things I'm waiting to start airing here again: Bones, Criminal Minds, Elementary.

+ I've been soaking the fruit for our Christmas cake overnight (in brandy) & am ready to bake today.  In the immortal words of Mel & Sue - 'On your marks, get set - bake!'. :)

+ I'm running the SGA Art Santa again this year.  We've had a good number of folk sign up, & the assignments have been sent out.  Now it's just a matter of waiting for the lovely art to roll in.  Hopefully, we won't have the need for any pinch hitters & so far, there's only been one thing that's made me think 'why do I bother giving my time & energy to this, if people are going to act like that?'.  ;)

+ Depression-wise, things are okayish.  I'm attending CBT, which is hard, but I think is helping.

+ I've managed to pick up another cold, just as my previous one was clearing up.  Mind you, being soaked to the skin on the carrot walk with Bud yesterday probably didn't help.  Never mind - there's actually some sunshine today.  It's cold but the sun makes everything seem better. \o/

+  Bud is as gorgeous & adorable as ever.  Here he is cooling his paws in the River Teme last month, after we'd been walking on Offa's Dyke. ♥

Bud in the River teme

+  Happy Thursday, all!
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How awesome is this?!

On a completely different note:
I made chocolate tiffin the other day from this super easy recipe & it was soooo good. Yum!
Sorry - no pics as it didn't last long enough. *g*
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!!spoilers!! )

ETA: Oh, & just how damn gorgeous was Jensen in this ep? ♥
And yes, Jared, too of course, but ZOMG! Jensen was just achingly beautiful in every frame.


Source: midnight-road
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How have I never seen this?
I've just rewatched this ep this week, too.  I don't think it was a deleted scene extra. (Must check the DVD.)
I mean, come on - this is awesome! *g*

Life in Motel Rooms

Oh, Jared - with those stretches & Jensen manfully continuing with the dialogue. (And then trying the stretch, too!)  \o/

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So, I managed to get my header banner back (oops - actually that was my fault, not LJ's this time! *g*)
While I was at it (& as I can't seem to get my rotating banners to work anymore) I decided to give my LJ a bit of a makeover as I'd had that layout for a few years.
The style is still the same but I've gone for a Spn theme & a new colour scheme.  I love it! <3

Credits: the original gifs in my sidebar are from[personal profile] fiercelynormal[personal profile] raloria  (I resized them to fit).  The animated mood theme is from dana_duchovny, & thanks to data_nali for her list of spn mood themes that helped me track this down.

Speaking of gifs.  Does anyone know where I can get one of a barechested!Sam doing pull-ups in ep 6.03 The Third Man?
You know the scene I mean... ;)

(Not sure where I got this. Sorry. I'll add credit if anyone can tell me.)

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I have a teeny, tiny ficlet to share.  I know - shocking! LOL
I actually wrote it as a bit of fun to include with my virtual holiday gifts this year, & the lovely tarlanx suggested that I share it with everyone else.  So, here it is. :)

You've got mail
McShep, G, fluff

Speaking of fic - my sweet [ profile] xanthe has posted the most lovely & fun holiday fic.  It's called 'Silent Night' & is set in her 24/7 universe.  It's a mulitfandom story & there are lots of old friends to catch up with at Christmas! \o/

We'll be starting our annual holiday rewatch of the LotR Trilogy (extended editions, of course *g*) with Fellowship this evening.  I can't wait! Woo-hoo!

I hope that whatever holiday you celebrate (even if it's just 'it's Tuesday!' *g*) that everyone has a wonderful festive season.
*big hugs*

Happy Holidays, folks!


13 Dec 2012 10:36 am
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I treated myself to 'The Essential Supernatural: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester' coffee table book & oh my goodness - it's fabulous!
It's a lovely large size hardback & is filled with gorgeous glossy pics (as well as fun little add-in stuff like postcards & stickers - & even an air freshner for the Impala! *g*)
I'm still working my way through it, but I can really rec it.  It's just a lovely thing to have - a real kind of 'event' book, if you know what I mean.

If you do fancy getting it & are in the UK, then I got mine from WH Smith online - it was only £19.19 (with free delivery) as opposed to £25 at Amazon.  The rrp is £29.99 so that's a pretty epic saving.


Gif by [personal profile] fiercelynormal

Speaking of lovely books to indulge in... [personal profile] xanthe  has just released 'Ricochet' in paperback form!  So, if (like me) you love to hold a real book in your hands - then why not treat yourself.  Or a friend?  It's nearly that time of year... :)

We're off to see The Hobbit this evening.
Can. Not. Wait!!!!

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Okay, I wasn't actually hunting for him, but I was clearing out the cupboard under the stairs & wouldn't have been surprised to find him there! *g*
We're having a new boiler fitted on Monday & the guy has got to reroute a load of pipes or something & so needs access to the space.  It was a good excuse to de-clutter & I now have a black bag of rubbish plus one for the charity shop.
The boiler is being replaced (due to extreme, wheezing old age) but is also being moved from its current very impractical place in the kitchen up into the loft.  This is all in preparation for having a new kitchen fitted in January. Yay! The entire thing is going to be gutted & all new units & appliances put in (except for a couple of 'white goods' items that we're keeping & that are going behind cupboard doors.)  It's all very exciting.  The current kitchen was already in when we moved here (over 17 years ago - blimey!) & is definitely on its last legs.  I've never been able to design & choose a kitchen before & it's so cool. :)

On a completely different subject - voting is open at the People's Choice Awards & Supernatural is up for 3 awards:
+ fave scifi/fantasy show
+ fave dramatic TV actor (Both Jensen & Jared are nominated which makes me feel so mean to choose one - um, Jensen - over  the other. Sorry Jared! *feels bad*
+ fave TV fan following

You don't need to register & you can vote as often as you like.  Yay!  Let's support all of the shows that we love.

I've added everyone who contacted me about Dreamwidth & have also spent some time customising my journal. As my LJ is SGA-themed, I've gone for Spn for DW. *g*

Happy Saturday, folks!

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Does anyone know where I can get a larger, cleaner version of this pic please?

Is there an equivalent of AOL Rocks in Spn fandom?



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