5 Jan 2017 01:57 pm
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Yikes! Everyone seems to be going to DW!
I have an account there which I haven't updated in a couple of years, so I'm importing my LJ entries over there & I'm also trying to post this entry there & crosspost it to LJ. (Hope it works).
I'm staying with LJ (& hoping to do the x-posting thingy), but if you're migrating to DW & would like to stay in touch, please add me to your circle. I'm [personal profile] bluespirit.
I also have a mirror of my fic & art LJ - starshinedreams - at DW: [community profile] starshinedreams.
Let's keep in touch!

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Okay, I wasn't actually hunting for him, but I was clearing out the cupboard under the stairs & wouldn't have been surprised to find him there! *g*
We're having a new boiler fitted on Monday & the guy has got to reroute a load of pipes or something & so needs access to the space.  It was a good excuse to de-clutter & I now have a black bag of rubbish plus one for the charity shop.
The boiler is being replaced (due to extreme, wheezing old age) but is also being moved from its current very impractical place in the kitchen up into the loft.  This is all in preparation for having a new kitchen fitted in January. Yay! The entire thing is going to be gutted & all new units & appliances put in (except for a couple of 'white goods' items that we're keeping & that are going behind cupboard doors.)  It's all very exciting.  The current kitchen was already in when we moved here (over 17 years ago - blimey!) & is definitely on its last legs.  I've never been able to design & choose a kitchen before & it's so cool. :)

On a completely different subject - voting is open at the People's Choice Awards & Supernatural is up for 3 awards:
+ fave scifi/fantasy show
+ fave dramatic TV actor (Both Jensen & Jared are nominated which makes me feel so mean to choose one - um, Jensen - over  the other. Sorry Jared! *feels bad*
+ fave TV fan following

You don't need to register & you can vote as often as you like.  Yay!  Let's support all of the shows that we love.

I've added everyone who contacted me about Dreamwidth & have also spent some time customising my journal. As my LJ is SGA-themed, I've gone for Spn for DW. *g*

Happy Saturday, folks!

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I've had a DW account for ages but haven't used it (beyond importing my entries on a semi-regular basis.)
I love LJ (& have a permanent account) but in the hopes of catching up with folk who have migrated to DW, I'm going to try & crosspost everything from now on & use both platforms.
So, I'm bluespirit at DW if anyone wants to friend up.
Please do leave me a comment with your DW name, too please - in case I don't recognise you! *g*


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