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Thanks to [personal profile] sgamadison  for the heads up for the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer!
It's blocked on youtube outside of the US, but this article has an embedded version that works.

It looks amazing & I got a lovely shiver when the original Trek anthem played at the end.
Yay for new Trek!!! \o/

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Wow - 13 years & 1 month!

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

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The lovely posts by the equally lovely [personal profile] sgamadison reminded me about my long abandoned '100 Days of Happy', & so here's something that makes me very, very happy:
My little baby Bud running through the bluebell woods! ♥

Considering how poorly he's been & his ongoing medical issues, it's wonderful to see him enjoying life to the full.
I love my boy so much. ♥

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I've uploaded an image to DW's image hosting, but when I try & insert it in a post, it doesn't show up.
Any ideas please?


25 Apr 2017 11:18 am
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I'm trying to get into using DW, but when I'm reading my circle there are names that I just don't recognise.
If your DW name is different to your LJ name, would you mind letting me know* please? Just so my old brain can try & catch up & keep in touch. I don't want to lose friends.
Thank you!

*do message me, if you don't want to comment here. Thank you! :)
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So, I'm sewing & I can't find the sleeve pieces. I look everywhere but no luck.
Then the Budlington gets up off his office bed - & there they are! They must have slipped off the shelf & he made himself comfy on them!
Oh, Buddy! The perfect sewing assistant! ♥
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Good news!
I saw my oncologist yesterday & my scan showed no sign of the cancer - which means that it’s either a) completely gone or b) so small that it’s not being registered by the scan. So, they’re going to keep monitoring my cancer markers via blood tests to see if it shows up again, & I’ll have another test in three months to see what’s happening.
So, I’m cautiously optimistic! Woohoo!

They're also going to fine tune my medications, so hopefully I won't be as tired & worn out all the time (& will stop keep falling asleep every afternoon!) I'm also working hard with the speech therapist & so hopefully I won't always sound like Sid James either!
Fingers crossed for continued good results!

Thank you again for all of your good wishes & support!

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Sorry that I've been quiet lately.
I went into hospital last month for my radiotherapy & it's made me really tired.  I feel okay - just tired! *g*
I see my oncologist next week to find out if the treatment was successful, or if I need another dose, or if there are any secondary cancers. Fingers crossed for a clean bill of health!

I hope everyone's well & happy!


5 Jan 2017 01:57 pm
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Yikes! Everyone seems to be going to DW!
I have an account there which I haven't updated in a couple of years, so I'm importing my LJ entries over there & I'm also trying to post this entry there & crosspost it to LJ. (Hope it works).
I'm staying with LJ (& hoping to do the x-posting thingy), but if you're migrating to DW & would like to stay in touch, please add me to your circle. I'm [personal profile] bluespirit.
I also have a mirror of my fic & art LJ - starshinedreams - at DW: [community profile] starshinedreams.
Let's keep in touch!

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Sorry it's a little late, but a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone! ♥


I'm home

8 Dec 2016 03:32 pm
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Just a quick update: I'm home at last!
I'm afraid that there were complications with my surgery, &, as a result, I was rather poorly, & I had to go back to theatre for an emergency, second surgery last Friday evening.
Fortunately, things are much improved & I was discharged on Monday evening. I'm very tired & can't do much, but I'm just so, so relieved to be at home with my two boys again! ♥
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I'm going into hospital on Saturday for my op.

details )

I'm a little nervous, but I'm mainly just glad that the waiting is over!  :)
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I've had the most fabulous, magical weekend!
On Saturday we went to see Fantastic Beasts - which was awesome! - & then on Sunday, we went to the HP Studio Tour for Hogwarts in the Snow!!
It was amazing - a day of fun, laughter, Nifflers, me definitely not buying any more cuddly creatures (peer pressure!), snowy gorgeousness, & getting to spend time with the best friends in the world! ♥

I don't have a pic of us all wearing our robes yet, but here are a couple of me proving that I definitely did not buy any kind of cuddly to go with my Fang & Hedwig! Nope, absolutely not!
Oh, how did Buckbeak get there? *g*

Finding a fantastic beast... )
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I've made myself a bag that I can wear with my robes when we go to the Harry Potter studios on Sunday.
I used some leftover robe fabric - black for the outer & Hufflepuff yellow for the lining - & sewed a Hogwarts' emblem patch onto the front flap.  I then added my Order of the Phoenix braid & my little Hedwig to finish it off! *g*

Excuse the pic quality - I took it with my phone.


Hogwarts here I come! \o/
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A while back, I made [ profile] lantean_drift a set of Hogwarts' robes as a Christmas present.
Well, during this year, I've also been making robes for other friends as their birthdays have come around, & on Sunday we're all going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour again - but this time, wearing our robes! \o/


There are 8 sets of robes & we have all 4 houses represented:
Hufflepuff: Me
Gryffindor: [ profile] lantean_drift, [ profile] xanthe, KB, S
Slytherin: [ profile] flyingnorth, [ profile] battyoldflapper
Ravenclaw: [ profile] carnelianred

They're fully-lined & I've made wand pockets inside so that we'll all have a place to keep our wands as we're walking around. *g*

It's going to be 'Hogwarts in the Snow' when we go - I can't wait! \o/
*Snoopy dances*
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Mmmm, coming home after walking with Bud on a wet, wintery day to a lovely cup of tea & a warm croissant. ♥
Happy, happy, happy!
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We had a glorious day at Ynyslas beach last Saturday.
An autumn walk by the sea with my two boys is my absolute heaven. ♥
I'm so very, very lucky.

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Thank you to everyone for your thoughts & kindness - you're all amazing & I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
You all make me so happy!
Thank you.
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I've been diagnosed with thyroid cancer & it's also spread to the lymph nodes in the right side of my neck.
Although uncommon, it is treatable & hopefully survivable.

details )

Obviously, it's cancer & a nasty op, but I just feel so incredibly lucky that it's not something worse & that there is treatment.


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