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This is a little Sherlock-inspired thing that I made for my lovely [ profile] lantean_drift.
It's the front door of 221b Baker Street - but as a bag. *g*


I hand stitched the number with gold thread & used a button for the doorknob.

the lining... )

I had a lot of fun making this & have got a few more fandom inspired craft projects in mind now. :)
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Okay, has someone written a McShep version of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with John as Sheriff Ed Earl & Rodney as Miss Mona?
If not, why not?
Please?! *g*

'Because I-I-I-I will always love you...'
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This looks like it's going to be fun! \o/

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Bud & I took my mom & aunt to Wales for an afternoon by the sea yesterday.
The weather was glorious & we enjoyed a lovely walk (& an ice cream!) on the beach.

Bud at Ynyslas...

2014-06-05 14.58.14
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Mr B & I popped down to London last weekend to watch the World Triathlon Series in Hyde Park. While we were there, we checked out a couple of locations from the BBC Sherlock. *g*

pics this way )

We had such a smashing day.

Oh, and I saw this while we were there & thought of you,  [ profile] tangotabby! *g*

2014-05-31 11.10.01

In other news, I have another book rec - well, a series of books: The Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries by Carola Dunn.  They're more Golden Age murder mysteries & I love The Honourable Daisy & her Scotland Yard friend, Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher. (I think there's romance afoot there, but I'm only on book three so we'll have to wait & see - no spoilers please! *g*)  There was even a lovely bit of gay romance in one book - bonus or what?! ;)
Anyway, I'm completely hooked - it's all your fault [ profile] caffyolay! *g*

I haven't been onto LJ for a week or so - I hope that everyone is happy & well!
Also, apologies for any missed birthdays - if you have celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful day!
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I just noticed that Dreamspinner is having a sale - 30% off!
It's only on certain authors, but luckily the fabulous Sarah Madison (our very own [ profile] sgamadison) is included.
So, if you haven't read Crying for the Moon or Unspeakable Words or any of her other awesome novels, then pop over now & snap up some real bargains. (Hurry though - the sale ends today: 17th May.)
And once you've read, please do leave a review - not just at Dreamspinner, you can copy & paste your thoughts at Amazon & Goodreads, etc too!

Happy Saturday, folks!
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I'm currently going through some binge reading!
*winks at [ profile] caffyolay*
I've mainlined all of the Jack Haldean novels by Dolores Gordon-Smith (save the latest which, inexplicably, isn't available on Kindle yet) & am now two books into the Angela Marchmont mysteries by Clara Benson.  I'm having such a gay time (in the sense of fun as opposed to boy-kissing, unusually for me, as said novels are all set in the 1920s! *g*)
I've also recently read the latest Lord Peter Wimsey mystery - The Late Scholar -  & I'd meant to recommend it straight away but somehow time had got away from me.  Jill Paton-Walsh has taken up the reins from Dorothy L Sayers & is doing a very credible job.  I wasn't quite so keen on the last book (The Attenbury Emeralds) but mainly because of the narrative style that she chose to use, but I loved The Late Scholar.  I think especially because she's chosen to set it in Oxford & as Gaudy Night is probably my favourite LPW story, then she had me at Magdalen! *g*

In other news, Mr B & I are running the Chester Half Marathon on Sunday in aid of the Lab rescue who brought us our gorgeous Bud & Cancer Research (in memory of my much loved & missed dad.) Typically, my right ITB has decided over the last couple of weeks to become sore.  I've rested it & am doing physio to strengthen my core muscles to help it.  Hopefully, it should be okay on Sunday.  It does now mean that instead of aiming for the time that I'd been hoping to run, I'm just going to have a leisurely run & enjoy all the sights in & around Chester.

Happy Tuesday, all! (Yay - Tuesday means new Supernatural to watch tomorrow!)
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Looks like the CW has decided that Bloodlines is a no go.
Hardly surprising - I don't know anyone who liked it.

'Sources say The CW is leaving open the possibility of spinning off Supernatural in another concept down the line.'

If so, how about using some of the awesome characters we've already got - like Charlie or Garth or Sheriff Jody please?
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Six years ago, our beautiful, silly boy came into our lives!

To celebrate, here's a little stroll along with Bud through the years...

Buddy Budlington )

New fic!

8 May 2014 03:19 pm
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I'd love to say that I'm writing again but I'm not. :(
This is a story that I wrote last year & hadn't posted yet.  I'm hoping that it might light a spark or something, though. *fc*

Anyhoo - it's a companion piece to my vampire!Rodney story told from the pov of a much angstier-than-anticipated!John!

Belong with me

McShep, G, 1000+ words

It was snowing the day that John died; huge flakes falling, obscenely beautiful, as all around bullets and mortars rent flesh from bone.
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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] caffyolay!
Have a fabulous day, C!
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Happy birthday to the lovely [ profile] pennyplainknits!
I hope you have a smashing day!


2 May 2014 05:58 pm
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My thoughts (well, thought really)

... )

On a happier & totally unrelated note - I'm cooking chicken tikka masala from scratch tonight.  The chicken has been marinading all day & smells soooo good!  It's a low fat recipe, too.
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FOX does it again.
This time they've cancelled Almost Human.

Book rec

30 Apr 2014 11:44 am
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I've found a series of books - the Jack Haldean Mysteries - that has completely ensnared me.
They're by Dolores Gordon-Smith & chronicle the adventures of Major Jack Haldean: a former WW1 flying ace turned detective novelist & solver of real life murders. They're set in the 20s & are very much in the style of Dorothy L Sayers, etc. Major Jack isn't Lord Peter, of course (but, who is?) but he's a damned good sort, don'cha know & comes complete with tortured wartime back story & fast car. *g*

The first book (A Fete Worse Than Death) is good but the subsequent stories are even better & contain some really clever plots.

So, if you fancy a ripping yarn then do give 'em a shot.
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We've been away for a few days walking with Bud in Scotland.
We had a lovely time, despite having some very mixed weather! *g*

Here are a few pics of Bud enjoying his holibobs!


more Bud this way... )

I hope everyone's been having a lovely week!
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Mr B is on holiday, & we did a lovely (though pretty strenuous) walk around the Clent Hills today.
The sun was shining, there were bluebells in the woods & the birds were singing.  It was just so beautiful.
It was also rather muddy in places following the recent heavy rain & so we all ended up pretty muddy - not just the Budmeister! *g*


more )

A very happy Tuesday, all!
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Poor Bud - he has such a hard life.
Here he is having a snooze & deploying his kangaroo ears! *g*

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What a smashing weekend!
Mr B & I went to the 'Cake & Bake Show' in Manchester on Saturday.  It was a great event with lots of demonstrations from various well-known chefs, including some of the Great British Bake-Off winners, as well as stalls selling all kinds of cake paraphernalia - & cake to eat!  Yum!  We shared a gorgeous slice of traditional Caribbean rum cake made by a husband & wife team that was simply divine! (Now I'm hunting for a recipe because I need to eat more of that! *g*)

Then on Sunday, we drove down to London so that I could meet the sweet & lovely [ profile] hilde for lunch while Mr B went off & did his own thing.
It was so lovely to see [ profile] hilde again & we had a very long - & very chatty *g* - lunch discussing lots of fandom things. :)
As Hilde is a bit (a bit!) of an Angliophile, I'd made her a Union Jack inspired cushion that hopefully will squash down enough to fit in her case!


Oh, & I've used some of that gorgeous black lab fabric that Mr B surprised me with to make a little bag that I took for a test drive this weekend. :)
It has an extra long strap so that I can wear it across my body.


The colour of the lining matches the collar of the labs on the fabric. I also included several inside pockets for my phone, Oyster card, lipstick, etc.


A couple of buttons just for some fun detail. :)


I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend!


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