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Incredibly, I think you'll find is the answer! *g*
I knew that he could sing & had heard him doing backing vocals on a couple of things but this is amazing!
He sang a couple of songs (that he sings to JJ - bless!) at Torcon & some very kind soul has shared it with the rest of us. \o/

What a voice!
I especially love the second song.
*sways along happily*

And in other news - putting towels down after a long, wet, muddy walk do nothing to stop a very silly boy from lying on the carpet!
Oh, Buddy! LOL

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I mentioned the other day about watching Jensen in Ten Inch Hero.
It's a delightful little film, with an indie feel to it, that's centred around a coffee shop & the quirky group who work there.
It's sweet & funny & perhaps a bit cheesy at times, but, for me, that only adds to its charm.

Ten Inch Hero

.avi  ~730MB

Please do 'right-click & save' & no hot-linking (& please don't share the link with anyone outside this post.)

Thank you, as always, to the amazing saldemonium for her generous donation of server space for vid hosting.

Jensen plays a really sweet character & there's a scene towards the end where he actually made me go 'awwww' out loud. <3  Plus, he has a real flair for comedic touches. 

Here's a little taster of Priestly. *g*

That's Jensen's now-wife, Daneel, on the other end of the phone in this scene. :)

I always seem to get one film/role when I'm working my way through a favourite actor's back catalogue that I just really love.
For Joe it's Family Album (Lionel is adorable - no matter that it's a rubbish Danielle Steel mini series!)  For David it's Boa vs Python (I know - the cheesiest of monster movies but Emmett is so fabulous!)  For AOL it's Oyster Farmer (sweet Jack!)  And now it looks like Ten Inch Hero may be the one for Jensen. <3  I haven't seen much of what Jared's done yet but I do have Christmas Cottage recorded to watch so who knows! *g*


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