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Just a quickie (ooh, err! *g*)

+ I'm love, love, loving Spn!  Not that that's news really - but it's a new season & there's always that worry that it might not be as good. But. It totally is! \o/  Also, how can Jensen look even better than normal?  I mean, he has a newborn in the house & he's looking younger & more gorgeous than ever?

+  I had an Spn dream last night.  It was a proper plot with Dean & Sam.  Unfortunately, I can't remember any of it now - except that there was a part where Dean had to go & do something & Sam leaned in & kissed him goodbye.  Just a quick peck on the lips (though he also cupped Dean's cheek with his hand *melt*) - like it was something they do all the time! ♥

+ Other things I'm watching & really enjoying: Great British Bake-off, Agents of Shield, Person of Interest, The Blacklist, Castle, Perception, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, By Any Means, Amazing Race, Sleepy Hollow.

+ Things I'm waiting to start airing here again: Bones, Criminal Minds, Elementary.

+ I've been soaking the fruit for our Christmas cake overnight (in brandy) & am ready to bake today.  In the immortal words of Mel & Sue - 'On your marks, get set - bake!'. :)

+ I'm running the SGA Art Santa again this year.  We've had a good number of folk sign up, & the assignments have been sent out.  Now it's just a matter of waiting for the lovely art to roll in.  Hopefully, we won't have the need for any pinch hitters & so far, there's only been one thing that's made me think 'why do I bother giving my time & energy to this, if people are going to act like that?'.  ;)

+ Depression-wise, things are okayish.  I'm attending CBT, which is hard, but I think is helping.

+ I've managed to pick up another cold, just as my previous one was clearing up.  Mind you, being soaked to the skin on the carrot walk with Bud yesterday probably didn't help.  Never mind - there's actually some sunshine today.  It's cold but the sun makes everything seem better. \o/

+  Bud is as gorgeous & adorable as ever.  Here he is cooling his paws in the River Teme last month, after we'd been walking on Offa's Dyke. ♥

Bud in the River teme

+  Happy Thursday, all!
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