15 Apr 2016

bluespirit: (SGA McShep Montana verse)
Well, things seem to be progressing okay. *fc*
We've had a surveyor out to look at the bungalow for us & everything seems to be good.  There were a couple of issues - one with the chimney & a potential one with the drains that required us getting further reports done, but the results have come back with a positive (just some repair work to the chimney but nothing major.)  I'm really glad that we went ahead & got the surveys done (there was no legal requirement as we're not having a mortgage, but it's good for our peace of mind!)

We're going to view again tomorrow to finalise a few things with our vendors (they're doing some alterations for us in the utility/mud room) & also to measure up for curtains, etc.  It'll be nice to see inside the place again (I have been around & looked through the windows! *g*)

So, the legal side of things seems to be chugging along, & I hope we can hear something about the exchange of contracts soon. *fc*

In the meantime, we're doing a lot of decluttering & getting things sorted - donating things to charity, etc & getting ready to start packing stuff up.  It's amazing how virtually everything that we'd carefully stored away up in the loft has now been recycled/donated/thrown out! LOL

With that in mind, I have my John & Rodney action figures going free to a good home, if anyone would like them.  I'm just asking for the postage costs please.  (They seem to have lost their guns, etc & are not boxed - they've spent all of their time wrapped around each other kissing!)

In other news - no Supernatural to share this week, I'm afraid. :(

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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