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We had a glorious day at Ynyslas beach last Saturday.
An autumn walk by the sea with my two boys is my absolute heaven. ♥
I'm so very, very lucky.

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Thank you to everyone for your thoughts & kindness - you're all amazing & I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
You all make me so happy!
Thank you.
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I've been diagnosed with thyroid cancer & it's also spread to the lymph nodes in the right side of my neck.
Although uncommon, it is treatable & hopefully survivable.

details )

Obviously, it's cancer & a nasty op, but I just feel so incredibly lucky that it's not something worse & that there is treatment.
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I'm at my sewing machine in the office, looking out onto our garden.  Bud is lying nearby, snoozing loudly.
My heart is bursting with happiness! ♥
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Last weekend, it was the annual Dogs' Party for the Lab rescue who brought us our beautiful Bud.  It's such a lovely, happy-making event with so many beautiful dogs who now have their forever homes.
Here's the boy taking part in the fancy dress. The theme was 'the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations' & so Bud went as 'Union Bud'!  He won 5th prize & had a lot of fun! \o/

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This is Sid. ♥



He's our gardener's little dog, & he comes to our house once a week to help his dad out. *g* (Sid basically spends the afternoon chilling in the garden, chasing frogs around the pond & being adorable.)
Bud & Sid get on okay - they're not huge friends but they have a sniff & say hello & then both get on with their own very important business!
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I'd seen some really cute fabric a while back that I loved but couldn't think of a project to use it for.
Fast forward a couple of months & I was looking at the fabric again in the online shop (okay, I'd been stalking it!) & I saw that they'd only got a few metres left! Noooo!  I knew that I had to buy it right then!  I have a monthly sewing mag called 'Sew' & it always comes with a free pattern & that month it was a really nice little summer dress.  So, I got the fabric & made myself a dress!

(Excuse the creases - I'd worn it before I remembered to take a pic!)

20160704_130100 copy

and that wasn't the end of the story! )

Definitely happy-making!
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Even when he plods muddy paws through the house, my baby Bud still makes me happy! ♥


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I had the best time at my annual writing weekend!
It was lovely to catch up with friends (some of whom I only see once a year) & to chat & laugh.  There was a *lot* of laughing!
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I'm getting packed to go away for my annual writing weekend.
I've known this group of lovely ladies for years & years, & this is always a fun time.
I'm not an active writer anymore - I just about manage to write my requisite story for the weekend - but I still love discussing writing, characters, plot development, etc.  Plus, I just love spending time with friends!
So, this definitely a 'happy'! *g*

I hope everyone else has a lovely weekend, too!
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I had the most amazing time in London with [ profile] xanthe last weekend.
Along with our lovely friend, [ profile] flyingnorth, & Xanthe's folks, we went to see 'Harry Potter & The Cursed Child'!!!!
Oh my goodness - it was absolutely amazing. I won't spoil anything - #keepthesecrets - but it was a most creative, enthralling, gripping story which is such a wonderful addition to the HP canon. I really am beyond words - it was just so, so fantastic.

Not really a spoiler, but just in case... )


Thank you to [ profile] xanthe for being such an amazing friend & for organising everything! ♥


7 Sep 2016 10:07 am
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It's been a while since I last posted, but I wanted to let everyone know that Bud's doing okay.  He still has problems caused by the IBD (& I think this might be the best he gets now) but he's managed to regain some of his weight & is no longer anaemic.  Most importantly, he's happy & still able to enjoy life - just at a slightly slower pace & with more naps (if that's even possible!)
We took him for a week's holiday in Suffolk last month, staying in a lovely little cottage, & he really enjoyed himself.


I really want to get back into LJ & so I'm going to do the 100 days of happy that I've seen about the place.  I can't promise that they'll be consecutive, but I am going to try & post more regularly! *g*
And obviously, still having my beautiful Buddy Sunshine with us & enjoying life is my day 1! ♥
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The specialist has been in touch & it's not cancer!
Unfortunately, Bud does have severe IBD/Chronn's disease (there's extensive scarring in his stomach & small intestine). The usual treatment would be steroids, but he was put on steroids at the beginning & they didn't help. So, the plan now is to keep him on his special diet & to try him on some different medication. We need to try & improve the diarrhoea & help him regain some weight. He's got to go back to the hospital in two weeks.
So, we're not out of the woods by any measure, but at least I feel like he's got more of a fighting chance with this.
Thanks again for your support, everyone!
Buddy sends big kisses!

Thank you

6 Jul 2016 09:21 am
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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for your love & support over the last few days.  I'm sorry & hope you'll understand that I don't feel up to individual replies just now.
No news from the specialist yet, but Bud's good in himself - eating well & sleeping through the night (with no need to go out for toilet breaks) which he hasn't done in a while.  He also thinks that his mom is a big old silly billy for keep crying into his fur, so he just gives her extra love & cuddles. ♥

Will update when I have news.


5 Jul 2016 08:38 am
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Bud had his endoscopy yesterday, & unfortunately, the vet wasn't very happy with what he saw & is thinking that Bud has stomach cancer. However, we won't know anything for definite until the results of the biopsies come back towards the end of the week & we speak to the vet again.
In the meantime, we just have to stay positive & hope that he's wrong.
Bud is perky in himself & eating well.
We love him so, so much.  He's such a special boy. ♥
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After a few ups & downs this week, Bud seems to be doing a little bit better.
He's taken to his new special diet food (a second kind as he had some problems with the first) & has even managed to regain a bit of weight! He's booked into the hospital on Monday for the endoscopy, etc. In the meantime, we're taking a day at a time.
Thank you so much to everyone for your love & support. I'm sorry that I haven't had chance to reply to comments - things have been a bit fraught, as you can imagine.  But I am very, very grateful & touched by your thoughtfulness.
Buddy sends lots of love & big cuddles. xxx


26 Jun 2016 01:30 pm
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Buddy isn't very well at the moment.
He's been having some problems for a few weeks now & our vets have tried really hard to get it sorted out, but he's been losing weight & things took a bad turn last week & he was on a drip for two days.
He was referred as an emergency on Friday to a specialist vet hospital. He had various tests done that we're waiting to hear about, & he has to go back to have some biopsies taken. They've given him a special hypoallergenic diet & although the symptoms haven't eased, he does seem a bit brighter today.
We love him so, so much & it's horrible to see him looking so frail.
Just wanted to keep everyone in the picture. xx

We're in!

27 May 2016 01:46 pm
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We moved into our new home on Monday & we love it!
We're still unpacking boxes, but the important rooms/stuff is done & I just feel so at home here.  It's the quietest little cul-de-sac (all bungalows) & we're the youngest residents by about 25 years *g*, but everyone is very friendly & sweet.
The village is absolutely lovely, & it has a real sense of community with so many groups & clubs & volunteer organisations.

Bud has settled in really well (although he is having to tell off a cat who seems to think that it can keep coming in his garden! *g*)  The countryside around here is gorgeous, & this morning, Bud & I did a really lovely circular walk going out through fields, along the canal side & then back through the village.  Gorgeous!  We're having lots of fun exploring.  Mr B is on holiday next week & so we'll have lots of time for checking out the area & finding lots of lovely walks.

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes! I'm afraid I've been a little bit busy & haven't had chance to reply yet, but I will!
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After several weeks of seemingly nothing happening, we got a call last Friday to say that a moving date of Monday 23rd was likely!
All of the legalities have gone ahead this week, & so we are definitely moving on Monday. Eeep!
So, I've been busy packing & organising all of the million & one things that need to be organised when you plan to move from the home that you've lived in for the past twenty years! *g*
Bud & I have also been doing our Farewell Tour of all of our favourite walks & saying goodbye to all of our village friends (human & canine).  Today we called in at the farm shop & the hardware shop which we visit on a weekly basis to shop & eat biscuits (I shop, Bud gets the treats!)
I'm going to be very sad to leave our lovely walks & friendly people behind.  Although, I know that we'll make new friends & find other lovely walks once we move.
I'm also a little sad to leave our lovely house, but I'm looking forward to putting my stamp on the new house, too.
So, exciting times ahead! *g*
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Bud had another fun day at the beach this weekend.
He explored the old wreck & generally was in charge of the whole place (as usual! *g*)

Buddy at Berrow


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