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2017-07-20 12:30 pm
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Catching up

It's been a while since I've posted. LJ (& DW) don't have the same vibrancy as they used to for me - which isn't helped by me not posting either, I know. I can hardly complain about my sense of loss of community when I'm not posting much myself!
Anyhoo - a little update on things at Chez Buddy.

Bud's doing really well. He's living with severe IBD, but his latest meds seem to have really helped & he's gained back all of the weight that he lost. He's so well that some of his other meds have been reduced or removed completely. This time last year, he was such a poorly boy & we didn't think that he'd make it, but he's such a fighter. He's on a prescription diet, but his appetite has come back & he's really enjoying life. Although he is a bit of an old man now - he's 11 & 1/2 - & so he does snooze quite a bit! ♥

Here he is on one of our favourite walks. It's a National Trust hill range & woodland that's 5 minutes walk from our door.

I'm doing really well, too. I saw my oncologist a few weeks ago & he's very happy with my scans & blood tests. I have to go back in the autumn for some more extensive scans, but so far things are looking very good. *fc*

Mr B, Bud & myself are off on our holibobs in a week or so. We've hired a cottage in Northumberland that overlooks the sea & you can see Dunstanburgh Castle (a gorgeous ruin) along the coast. So, it's going to be lovely morning walks on the beach & lots of other exploring - Hadrian's Wall & castles galore! Yay!

I hope that everyone is doing well. I do try & keep an eye on my flist & reading circle, even if I don't always comment.
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2017-03-11 12:02 pm
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Health update

Good news!
I saw my oncologist yesterday & my scan showed no sign of the cancer - which means that it’s either a) completely gone or b) so small that it’s not being registered by the scan. So, they’re going to keep monitoring my cancer markers via blood tests to see if it shows up again, & I’ll have another test in three months to see what’s happening.
So, I’m cautiously optimistic! Woohoo!

They're also going to fine tune my medications, so hopefully I won't be as tired & worn out all the time (& will stop keep falling asleep every afternoon!) I'm also working hard with the speech therapist & so hopefully I won't always sound like Sid James either!
Fingers crossed for continued good results!

Thank you again for all of your good wishes & support!

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2017-03-01 03:44 pm
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Quick update

Sorry that I've been quiet lately.
I went into hospital last month for my radiotherapy & it's made me really tired.  I feel okay - just tired! *g*
I see my oncologist next week to find out if the treatment was successful, or if I need another dose, or if there are any secondary cancers. Fingers crossed for a clean bill of health!

I hope everyone's well & happy!
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2016-12-08 03:32 pm
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I'm home

Just a quick update: I'm home at last!
I'm afraid that there were complications with my surgery, &, as a result, I was rather poorly, & I had to go back to theatre for an emergency, second surgery last Friday evening.
Fortunately, things are much improved & I was discharged on Monday evening. I'm very tired & can't do much, but I'm just so, so relieved to be at home with my two boys again! ♥
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2016-11-23 11:12 am
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Health update

I'm going into hospital on Saturday for my op.

details )

I'm a little nervous, but I'm mainly just glad that the waiting is over!  :)
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2016-11-10 11:10 am
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Happy day 10

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts & kindness - you're all amazing & I feel so lucky to have you in my life.
You all make me so happy!
Thank you.
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2016-11-09 03:12 pm
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A me update

I've been diagnosed with thyroid cancer & it's also spread to the lymph nodes in the right side of my neck.
Although uncommon, it is treatable & hopefully survivable.

details )

Obviously, it's cancer & a nasty op, but I just feel so incredibly lucky that it's not something worse & that there is treatment.
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2016-01-12 12:55 pm
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Hello 2016!

Hi all & a very happy New Year!

a quick update on me )

I hope that 2016 is treating everyone well so far & that you're all healthy & happy!
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2014-11-28 02:45 pm
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New look!

After about 15 years of the same hairstyle, I've had a new look!

click! )

I've also finished my contribution to this year's [ profile] sga_art_santa & have submitted it.
I feel like I'm on a roll! LOL

And I'm just playing 'The Last Goodbye' on repeat - I absolutely love it!

Happy Friday, everyone!
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2014-11-05 04:55 pm

Catching up

It's been a busy week or so. We've had some sad RL news, which I won't dwell on, but fortunately a few nice things, too.
We went down to London for a couple of days last week.  We visited the Sherlock exhibition at the Museum of London, saw Mamma Mia! at the Novello & the Poppy installation at the Tower of London.  It was a brilliant visit - we had such an amazing time.

Hmmm, this seems familiar...

... )

Ceramic poppies in the moat of the Tower - one poppy for every British & Commonwealth soldier who died during the First World War. There'll be over 888,000 when they're all planted.  It was incredibly moving.


And we went to Coalbrookdale at the weekend & did a lovely walk up in the fields & hills there.  Bud loved it - especially mooching in the brooks & streams. :)


more of the Budlington... )

There's no new Spn this week but the trailer for next week looks awesome!

And how cute were the boys in their Halloween costumes? LOL


I love that Misha is doing 'Dean's' bow legs! And Jensen is making that Sam face!
Love it! \o/

I hope that everyone is happy & well!
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2014-05-13 03:18 pm

Of books & ITBs

I'm currently going through some binge reading!
*winks at [ profile] caffyolay*
I've mainlined all of the Jack Haldean novels by Dolores Gordon-Smith (save the latest which, inexplicably, isn't available on Kindle yet) & am now two books into the Angela Marchmont mysteries by Clara Benson.  I'm having such a gay time (in the sense of fun as opposed to boy-kissing, unusually for me, as said novels are all set in the 1920s! *g*)
I've also recently read the latest Lord Peter Wimsey mystery - The Late Scholar -  & I'd meant to recommend it straight away but somehow time had got away from me.  Jill Paton-Walsh has taken up the reins from Dorothy L Sayers & is doing a very credible job.  I wasn't quite so keen on the last book (The Attenbury Emeralds) but mainly because of the narrative style that she chose to use, but I loved The Late Scholar.  I think especially because she's chosen to set it in Oxford & as Gaudy Night is probably my favourite LPW story, then she had me at Magdalen! *g*

In other news, Mr B & I are running the Chester Half Marathon on Sunday in aid of the Lab rescue who brought us our gorgeous Bud & Cancer Research (in memory of my much loved & missed dad.) Typically, my right ITB has decided over the last couple of weeks to become sore.  I've rested it & am doing physio to strengthen my core muscles to help it.  Hopefully, it should be okay on Sunday.  It does now mean that instead of aiming for the time that I'd been hoping to run, I'm just going to have a leisurely run & enjoy all the sights in & around Chester.

Happy Tuesday, all! (Yay - Tuesday means new Supernatural to watch tomorrow!)
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2014-03-24 10:27 am
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Well, after getting hailed on twice yesterday (during my long run & also when taking Bud out) the sunshine this morning is very welcome.  We had quite a heavy frost overnight & it's chilly - but the sky is a beautiful blue.

My Mom is joining me & Bud on our walk this morning & having lunch with us.  Then I have a sewing project to work on.

Happy Monday, everyone!
I hope you're all having a great start to the week.
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2014-03-18 09:00 am
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I'm back...

It's been ages since I posted. Real life has been pretty hectic - in a nice way but still busy.  My health has really improved, & I'm back to a regular running schedule in preparation for a half marathon in May.
Unfortunately, I still seem to have lost all of my writing/art inspiration *sigh* - but at least I'm baking & sewing (& hoping the rest will come back eventually).
I haven't been on LJ at all for a while, but I had a quick catch up through my flist this morning & it made me realise just how much I miss everyone & all of the fandom stuff.  Even if I'm not actively creative anymore, I love to see what everyone else is doing.
So, I'm going to get back to LJ & fandom life - even if it's more in a viewer type way than actively creating anything.

In the meantime, here are some pics of some of the baking projects I've been doing:

cupcakes for my niece's 6th birthday - yes, those are little Buddy cakes!


more pics )

And life isn't complete without my beautiful baby Bud ♥

Bud & Sean the Sheep

Happy Tuesday, all!
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2013-10-17 10:16 am

Catching up

Just a quickie (ooh, err! *g*)

+ I'm love, love, loving Spn!  Not that that's news really - but it's a new season & there's always that worry that it might not be as good. But. It totally is! \o/  Also, how can Jensen look even better than normal?  I mean, he has a newborn in the house & he's looking younger & more gorgeous than ever?

+  I had an Spn dream last night.  It was a proper plot with Dean & Sam.  Unfortunately, I can't remember any of it now - except that there was a part where Dean had to go & do something & Sam leaned in & kissed him goodbye.  Just a quick peck on the lips (though he also cupped Dean's cheek with his hand *melt*) - like it was something they do all the time! ♥

+ Other things I'm watching & really enjoying: Great British Bake-off, Agents of Shield, Person of Interest, The Blacklist, Castle, Perception, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, By Any Means, Amazing Race, Sleepy Hollow.

+ Things I'm waiting to start airing here again: Bones, Criminal Minds, Elementary.

+ I've been soaking the fruit for our Christmas cake overnight (in brandy) & am ready to bake today.  In the immortal words of Mel & Sue - 'On your marks, get set - bake!'. :)

+ I'm running the SGA Art Santa again this year.  We've had a good number of folk sign up, & the assignments have been sent out.  Now it's just a matter of waiting for the lovely art to roll in.  Hopefully, we won't have the need for any pinch hitters & so far, there's only been one thing that's made me think 'why do I bother giving my time & energy to this, if people are going to act like that?'.  ;)

+ Depression-wise, things are okayish.  I'm attending CBT, which is hard, but I think is helping.

+ I've managed to pick up another cold, just as my previous one was clearing up.  Mind you, being soaked to the skin on the carrot walk with Bud yesterday probably didn't help.  Never mind - there's actually some sunshine today.  It's cold but the sun makes everything seem better. \o/

+  Bud is as gorgeous & adorable as ever.  Here he is cooling his paws in the River Teme last month, after we'd been walking on Offa's Dyke. ♥

Bud in the River teme

+  Happy Thursday, all!
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2013-09-18 05:09 pm
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In from the cold (with a vid rec)

Hi all!
I feel a bit awkward - I haven't been on LJ for quite a while & this is my first post in ages.
It's not that I'm using some other social media platform for fannish stuff - I just haven't been feeling very fannish lately. :(
However, I think the greyness may finally be lifting from me.  I had a wonderful time at my annual writing weekend last week, & I feel renewed again.  I'm also insanely excited about s9 of Supernatural starting next week! \o/

Thank you again to the kind folks who enquired after me, & I'm so sorry for worrying anyone.
I really didn't mean to stay away - I just found that I didn't have anything to say or share, & the longer I was away, the harder it became.
But I'm planning to change that. :)

Anyway, this vid totally says what I think about my flist.
Thank you. ♥

(Do remember to leave a comment for the amazing [ profile] ash48.)
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2013-05-04 01:43 pm
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Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth be with you! \o/

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

It's a long weekend here (there's a Bank Holiday on Monday.)
Mr B is running in the Milton Keynes Marathon on Monday, so that's where I'll be as chief cheerleader & bag carrier. :)
Let's hope for good weather - but not too hot please. *fc*
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2013-04-16 01:06 pm

Painting the bathroom door - only not really

So, I'm supposed to be painting the bathroom door today.
Instead, I've:
  • taken Bud to the woods (well, in fairness - I do this every day)
  • answered some email/comments
  • posted to LJ
  • baked some cheese & herb scones
  • scoffed one with some gorgeously sweet baby plum tomatoes for my lunch
  • updated the ipod
  • and am now making another LJ post

Hmmm, procrastination thy name art Bluespirit. *g*

Alright, alright - just before I go & paint the blinking door, here's a quick meme type thing... :)

Snagged from [personal profile] tarlanx

Post the 21 first lines from your last 21 fics.

first lines )

I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean - apart from there being a lot of showers/baths *g* - but it was fun to remind myself of some of these stories (I'd actually forgotten I'd written half of them! LOL)

Okay - the bathroom door...

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2013-03-14 01:43 pm

Boys & baking (though not actually together *g*)

[personal profile] celtprincess13 managed to hook me up with the shirtless!Sam gifs that I wanted needed! \o/
So, I've added them to my sidebar & like to think that these three tell a little story... ;)

Sam's working out & sees Dean watching him...

Sam's all 'like what you see? Strip!'

Dean doesn't have to be told twice!


I've had some lovely responses to my 1920's AU McShep art, 'World, far away', &, as I'd mentioned that I felt it could easily be viewed as Lord John & Rodney from my Big Bang story 'Time & Tide', it's been lovely to have a few comments to that, too!
I love the idea that people are coming new to something that I wrote quite a while ago. :)

In completely different news, with the installation of a new window blind our kitchen renovation is finally complete! \o/
It's a whole new kitchen (everything was ripped out) & I absolutely love it!  (I'll take some pics to share when I get a second.)  It's a fairly small area (no room for seating but it does lead into the dining room through an open doorway, so that's not a problem) but the new layout has given me so much more storage space!  I actually have empty shelves! LOL  Although, I've rediscovered my love for baking (after a break of over 15 years) & so I doubt they'll stay empty for long with all the supplies I'm buying. *g*

I'm finding the baking very therapeutic for my depression, funnily enough.
I'm concentrating on fairly straightforward stuff like muffins for now, but I'm loving baking them from scratch, & the measuring, sifting & mixing is weirdly soothing. :)

My lovely [personal profile] xanthe  gave me her recipe for the gorgeous pear & ginger muffins that I always love (& scoff!) when I stay with her, & I'm really pleased at how they've turned out. (Although the first batch was a bit iffy.  Turned out my oven wasn't quite at the temp it said it was - thank goodness for an oven thermometer!)
I'm also planning to try out some raspberry & lemon muffins, & some carrot & pineapple wholemeal muffins.  The recipes sound very scrumptious.
If anyone has any favourite muffin recipes - please do share! :)

Happy Thursday, all!

Gif credits in my profile. :)

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2013-01-09 10:47 am
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It will be sunny one day

So, I've been having a bit of a tough time depression-wise again lately (it hasn't been this bad for years), but I'm getting some help & hopefully things will be improving soon.
My wonderful & steadfast [personal profile] xanthe sent me this spot-on link to some thoughts the always amazing Stephen Fry has on depression & it just really spoke to me. 

I know I have comments & emails from so many people that I still have to reply to - please don't think I don't care or am being rude. I really do feel so grateful for such good friends.
And thank you for the lovely lj-gifts now brightening up my profile page - I really do appreciate your kind thoughts.

So, I'm hoping for more sunny days but hunkering down through the rain.

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2012-12-05 04:36 pm

New art plus a bit of a catch up

+  I'm a couple of days late, I'm afraid, but here's a little something for the lovely [personal profile] hilde 's birthday!


+  My sweet [personal profile] xanthe  came to stay for a few days at the weekend, & we had the most fabulous time!  We did some shopping (& Xanthe helped me to choose a Xmas party dress plus a dress, etc for my sis-in-law's wedding in March.)  We also went to the National Memorial Arboretum & I showed her the tree & cross we have there in memory of Dad.
On Sunday evening, we went out for dinner with the amazing [personal profile] lantean_drift  & saffron_1 & had a fabulous night of laughter & squee.
In fact, the whole weekend was filled with chatter & I can't remember when I had so much fun!

+  I've booked our seats for The Hobbit! 
It's the 7.30pm screening on Thurs 13th!  Woot!  I got us the premier seating with the comfy sofas for two & snacks. :)