16 Apr 2013


16 Apr 2013 07:54 am
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I'm so shocked by the events in Boston - what a horrendous & senseless act.
My heart goes out to everyone there.

I've been running for about 10 years now, & the sense of acceptance & friendship within the the running community is wonderful. I've often struck up conversations with complete strangers while taking part in races, & the couple of marathons that I've run were completely amazing & uplifting experiences. So many people run to raise money for good causes and/or in memory/celebration of loved ones.

I don't know what motivated this attack, but I know it won't stop runners from continuing to show their support & motivation for a wonderfully fulfilling sport. In fact, it's London on Sunday & I'm sure it'll be even more special than it usually is. ♥
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So, I'm supposed to be painting the bathroom door today.
Instead, I've:
  • taken Bud to the woods (well, in fairness - I do this every day)
  • answered some email/comments
  • posted to LJ
  • baked some cheese & herb scones
  • scoffed one with some gorgeously sweet baby plum tomatoes for my lunch
  • updated the ipod
  • and am now making another LJ post

Hmmm, procrastination thy name art Bluespirit. *g*

Alright, alright - just before I go & paint the blinking door, here's a quick meme type thing... :)

Snagged from [personal profile] tarlanx

Post the 21 first lines from your last 21 fics.

first lines )

I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean - apart from there being a lot of showers/baths *g* - but it was fun to remind myself of some of these stories (I'd actually forgotten I'd written half of them! LOL)

Okay - the bathroom door...


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