13 May 2014

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I'm currently going through some binge reading!
*winks at [livejournal.com profile] caffyolay*
I've mainlined all of the Jack Haldean novels by Dolores Gordon-Smith (save the latest which, inexplicably, isn't available on Kindle yet) & am now two books into the Angela Marchmont mysteries by Clara Benson.  I'm having such a gay time (in the sense of fun as opposed to boy-kissing, unusually for me, as said novels are all set in the 1920s! *g*)
I've also recently read the latest Lord Peter Wimsey mystery - The Late Scholar -  & I'd meant to recommend it straight away but somehow time had got away from me.  Jill Paton-Walsh has taken up the reins from Dorothy L Sayers & is doing a very credible job.  I wasn't quite so keen on the last book (The Attenbury Emeralds) but mainly because of the narrative style that she chose to use, but I loved The Late Scholar.  I think especially because she's chosen to set it in Oxford & as Gaudy Night is probably my favourite LPW story, then she had me at Magdalen! *g*

In other news, Mr B & I are running the Chester Half Marathon on Sunday in aid of the Lab rescue who brought us our gorgeous Bud & Cancer Research (in memory of my much loved & missed dad.) Typically, my right ITB has decided over the last couple of weeks to become sore.  I've rested it & am doing physio to strengthen my core muscles to help it.  Hopefully, it should be okay on Sunday.  It does now mean that instead of aiming for the time that I'd been hoping to run, I'm just going to have a leisurely run & enjoy all the sights in & around Chester.

Happy Tuesday, all! (Yay - Tuesday means new Supernatural to watch tomorrow!)


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