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Hi all & a very happy New Year!

I know that I'm rather late with the New Year greetings, but things have been so busy here.
We're still in the same position house-wise as before - we've accepted an offer on our house but the lady is still to sell her own. That means that we're still on the market & so are having other people come around for viewings. We had 5 over the weekend & already there are 2 more booked in for tomorrow.  I just find having people coming to see the house a bit stressful. Plus, I'm rather OCD & the levels of cleaning are getting astronomical!  We did actually have one couple comment that they'd never seen such a clean house in their lives!
We still haven't found the right property to move to. The one that we did make an offer on (which was accepted) we then lost because someone else came along & they were all ready to go as they were sold.  So, we're keeping on looking.
I'm sure the right house is out there & that things will work out for the best in the end. :)

Also, I've been getting a bit bogged down inside my head & retreating from the world for a while, & I really need to tackle that.  It's a warning sign & I don't want to start backsliding into depression again.  I really need to interact on LJ more & start to feel some fandom joy.  And with that in mind, [ profile] lantean_drift & KB are coming around tonight for pizza & a rewatch of The Abominable Bride. Awesome!

I hope that 2016 is treating everyone well so far & that you're all healthy & happy!
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