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So, I'm supposed to be painting the bathroom door today.
Instead, I've:
  • taken Bud to the woods (well, in fairness - I do this every day)
  • answered some email/comments
  • posted to LJ
  • baked some cheese & herb scones
  • scoffed one with some gorgeously sweet baby plum tomatoes for my lunch
  • updated the ipod
  • and am now making another LJ post

Hmmm, procrastination thy name art Bluespirit. *g*

Alright, alright - just before I go & paint the blinking door, here's a quick meme type thing... :)

Snagged from [personal profile] tarlanx

Post the 21 first lines from your last 21 fics.

(in reverse order from most recent)

1. “Hey, Rodney. Whatcha doin’?”

2. Being a vampire wasn’t exactly like Rodney had imagined it would be.

3. John doesn’t say a lot during sex, in fact he doesn’t make much noise at all, and after the first few times that they were together – and he’d got over the whole ‘wow, I’m having sex with John!’ fantastic weirdness of it all – Rodney had started to worry.

4. John grabbed his coffee and headed out to the garage.

5. Steve woke up, instantly alert, senses reaching out to identify what had disturbed him.

6. John flicked the wet hair out of his eyes and stepped out of the shower.

7. John tried to look around as the guards dragged him into the room.

8. The wall of the cave was crumbling, shards of rock fracturing and sliding into the chasm below as the planet shook itself apart around them.

9. “Oh, please! Are you even listening to yourself?”

10. Danny yawned loudly, stretching his arms elaborately above his head, and then settled back against the cushions, one arm dropping in a completely random and casual way across the back of the couch.

11. Danny brushed the last dab of paint onto the baseboard and stood up gingerly, groaning as each vertebra griped and popped its way back into the proper place.

12. Danny hustled Steve out of the club, hand clamped tightly around the big lummox’s forearm, and dragged him into the relative privacy of a nearby doorway.

13. “and really? Does it ever stop raining here?” Rodney’s voice was muffled by the downpour but still loud enough for John to hear up front where he was taking point on their walk back to the gate.

14. Danny finished washing a day’s worth of chasing down scumbag drug dealers off his aching body and stepped out of the shower.

15. There’s a level of intimacy in sharing a bed with someone that goes way beyond sex, and Danny’s always enjoyed the freedom that comes with trusting another person that much.

16. “… and don’t even try and think about getting out of this by making that woobie face at me, McGarrett. I know all of your moves and –”

17. Rodney eased himself down into the blissful heat of the water and let out a long sigh, smiling as John wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him against his chest.

18. Danny snapped his hips forward one last time, fingers digging into Steve’s shoulders, and oh shit… that was good, and fuck.

19. Steve’s been acting weird for a couple of days now.

20. John felt himself rising hazily through layers of sun-warm contentment until he finally opened his eyes, awake at last.

21. Danny rubbed his chin over the crease where Steve’s hip met thigh, stubble dragging on the soft skin and leaving a faint burn of possession.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean - apart from there being a lot of showers/baths *g* - but it was fun to remind myself of some of these stories (I'd actually forgotten I'd written half of them! LOL)

Okay - the bathroom door...

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