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Bluespirit ([personal profile] bluespirit) wrote2014-11-28 02:45 pm
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New look!

After about 15 years of the same hairstyle, I've had a new look!

2014-11-27 17.37.28

I've gone a lot shorter & am so happy with it!

I've also finished my contribution to this year's [ profile] sga_art_santa & have submitted it.
I feel like I'm on a roll! LOL

And I'm just playing 'The Last Goodbye' on repeat - I absolutely love it!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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You look amazing! But then, you always did. I like that cut; it suits you. And you have a beautiful smile. :)

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Aww, thank you.

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I think your new style looks super, P. Really suits you. :-)

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Thanks, C.
I think it was time, & now I'm ridiculously happy about it! :)

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Gorgeous!!!! I love it!!!!

Hugs and loves!!!

Cuddles and kisses Buddy!

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Aww, thanks, sweetheart!

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I love it!!! You look fantastic, and it's always so good to see your wonderful face.

*big hugs*

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Aww, thanks, zen!
I'm so glad that I took the plunge, & it's so easy to style! (Takes about 2 minutes! *g*)

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this cut suits you so much, you look awesome!!

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Thank you!
I feel so liberated - I wish I'd done it ages ago now. LOL

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Oh look how cute you look! That is a very sassy and fun hairstyle. Love it!

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Thank you!
I feel years younger, for some reason. LOL

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Very nice, it really suits you.

I did the same thing a few weeks ago, went from having shoulder length hair to really short (for me) although mines still a little longer than yours. I love the freedom of it, although it does need trimming more often!

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Go, you! \o/

I had really long hair (nearly to my bottom) until I was about 30 & then went shorter & settled on a bob about 15 years ago. I can't believe how much younger & liberated I feel with the new cut now though! LOL

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Aww, thank you - I do love it. :)

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Hello beautiful!

I must say you have a fantastic hairdresser - the style, shape, colour, everything suits you really, really well.

Thanks for letting us see the result.


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Oh, you! Thank you.

My stylist is really good. I've been going to her for about 20 years now & so she knows me really well. She was very excited when I said I wanted a new look! *g*

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Oh yes, I'm sure she would have loved a challenge!!

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I love it! You look fabulous! I bet it's easy to style too. I'm jealous. I have crazy-curly hair, I could never go that short. My hair would just stick out. LOL ;)

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Thank you!
It's so easy - I don't even need a comb, pretty much just run my fingers through it!

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You are welcome!

Did I mention I'm jealous? ;)

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I've never had a style that I could do this with before - I can't believe how easy it is. (Sorry - don't mean to rub it in! *g*)

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Oh wow! That's really nice!

I am currently having Hair Issues, and my proposed solution - shorter and shorter still - is horrifying my hairdresser, but I reckon it can work. And you are proving that for me beautifully!

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Go with your instinct - I'm sure you'll look fab! :)